KACHOROVSKA’S NEW CAMPAIGN Maturity Fall 2023-2024


Maturity is the central theme of the autumn collection of the Kachorovska brand. The brand team decided to reveal this concept through the lens of fashion and, at the same time, explore our inner world and learn to accept ourselves as we are, see ourselves as beautiful, be free from other people’s opinions, talk about feelings, freely joke with ourselves, not be afraid of being unloved and say no.

The CEO of Kacho Group and creative director of Kachorovska, Alina Ocheretyana, passionately articulates the brand’s philosophy, “Maturity is when you fully enjoy yourself, explore despite fear and prejudice, get rid of shame, fill yourself with openness, and show yourself.

In a remarkable departure from conventional notions, Kachorovska challenges the perception that maturity is solely linked to age. Instead, they explore the profound nature of this concept through their Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection. Every aspect of the collection, from materials to colors and technology, is meticulously chosen to embody the essence of maturity. The palette boasts ripe shades of juicy pomegranate, candied honey, and deep blueberry blue. The tactile experience is elevated with an exquisitely soft suede lining in bags and luxuriously supple stretch leather used for their boots.

Continuing their commitment to anatomical footwear, Kachorovska ensures their products are as comfortable as possible and do not harm the body. A standout example is the Erica boots, featuring an anatomical pointed-toe pad on a 4-centimeter heel, which has already become a bestseller.

The collection’s focal point is an array of boots in diverse textures, heel heights, and toe shapes. Whether you opt for the soft dark red leather of the Blanca ankle boots, the caramel suede of Katrin ankle boots, or the stretchy black Kaya boots, your choice will undoubtedly be in vogue this fall. To complement these stylish offerings, Kachorovska presents coats made from natural wool, featuring a straight cut, a sharp shoulder line, and a practical length, making them the perfect addition to your cold-weather wardrobe.

The face of the advertising campaign is the Polish actress of Ukrainian origin, Daria Polunina, who graces the collection with her elegance. The campaign, masterfully captured by photographer Denis Manokha and styled by Vlad Askerov, draws inspiration from the works of renowned artists René Magritte and Kazimir Malevich, as well as films by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman and Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski. The captivating video, created by Andriy Khimich, complements the campaign’s artistic vision.

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