Kafina Energy

Kafina Energy (Travel, Work, Overall Well Being) Experience the power of pure, herbal energy: Kafina® powers body, mind and soul with five organic ingredients. Sip it, shoot it or add to any drink this elixir will enhance your performance at work, in the gym and uplift your mood for those extremely stressful weeks when you need that extra “UMPH” for overall physical and mental stamina! Plus it is organic, gluten free, non-GMO and plant based! Available: www.kafinaenergy.com Price: $25.00


A revolutionary organic energy elixir unlike anything you have tried.

Experience the power of pure, herbal energy: Kafina® powers body, mind and soul with five organic ingredients. It is a revolutionary organic energy elixir that supports extraordinary physical energy, mental stamina and uplifted mood with zero chemicals or crash.

We are on a mission to fuel, restore and awaken people through the power of plants. It is our joy and passion to bring Kafina® to as many people as possible.

Awaken Your Spirit. Fuel Your Soul®.


 contains nothing artificial, including no added flavors. The flavor of Kafina® is created naturally through our unique steeping process that extracts all the beneficial properties of the Kafina® formula. Coffee and schisandra berry speak the loudest in the flavor profile of Kafina®, so most people describe the flavor as a coffee berry taste. Kafina® is lightly sweetened with maple syrup providing the perfect balance of the herbal notes with a touch of sweetness.

Sip it, shoot it or add to your favorite drink before a workout, big day or for a boost any time of day. Each 1 ounce bottle of Kafina® is one serving of pure organic herbal energy, although some people want more than one and some people want less. Find out for yourself how much Kafina® you need to fuel you.  

Kafina® Organic Energy Elixir wasn’t created in a boardroom. This formula is a gift from the Goddess of Coffee herself presented to Co-Founder Heather Beach in a shamanic journey in 2012. We are honored to bring this offering forward to Fuel Your Soul™ and Awaken Your Spirit.

We are co-founders Kathleen O’Brien and Heather Beach and we greatly appreciate you exploring Kafina®. This product exemplifies just the beginning of what we believe is possible by co-creating shamanically with Plant Spirit. Kafina® is a gift from the Goddess of Coffee herself presented to Co-Founder Heather Beach in a shamanic journey in 2012. At this same time, while working together at Seventh Generation, Heather introduced Kathleen to the Kafina® formula as an herbalist and shamanic healer. Kathleen had sought Heather out, as she had just moved, started a new job and had 3 kids under 3 ½. Kathleen was struggling to manage it all mentally and physically. However, Kafina® transformed Kathleen, fueling her soul but also her energy, mood and focus. It became part of her daily wellness routine like many others in the Burlington, Vermont community where Kafina® quickly gained a cult-like following. Heather and Kathleen fell out of touch when Heather left Seventh Generation to pursue other opportunities and start a family in 2013. Fortunately, we were brought back together in 2018 and re-ignited our passion for plants, responsible business and the power of Kafina®. This also inspired our bigger mission to fuel, restore & awaken people through the power of plants.

Outside of being passionate about our mission, we have over 35 years of combined experience as innovators and leaders across all aspects of consumer products. We feel that our careers, that have brought consumers such beloved natural brands as Bear Naked Granola, Burt’s Bees, Seventh Generation, Sustain Natural and Sunsoil CBD, have also prepared us to bring Kafina® to market in a way that honors the consumer, Earth and the Goddess.

In your hands is a revolutionary, life-enhancing organic energy beverage. Named after the Goddess of Coffee, Kafina® supports extraordinary physical energy and mental focus with zero chemicals or crash. Known to many as the “best pre-workout supplement they have ever tried” Kafina® also replenishes mental stamina and feelings of emotional well-being. In a product category filled with chemicals, crash and plastic, Kafina® is an organic energy elixir gifted from the plants themselves during a shamanic journey. To experience what Heather witnessed during this profound exchange, check out our video.

Thank you for trying Kafina® and please share with us about your experience @kafinaenergy or hello@kafinaenergy.com

*Kafina® is an herbal supplement.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.
Not recommended for children.
If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use.


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