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Katie Gallagher Spring/Summer 2021: “Orpiment”

Used for centuries, the caustic mineral Orpiment was a common garment dye and artist pigment, but as time moved on, its use proved too deadly. Its rich yellow hue, similar to gold, still adorns ancient tombs and sacred spaces. The color qualities and duality of this lethal mineral serve as the inspiration for Katie Gallagher’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, “Orpiment.”

Yellow, the color of caution, but also hope, is a fitting choice for the collective current mood during this global pandemic. Together, apart, we move forward cautiously and hyperaware. Orpiment features bold yellow garments, including a sheer tulle dress and a lightweight nylon ripstop bomber jacket juxtaposing Gallagher’s signature black and white color palette.

As seen in recent collections, “Orpiment” contrasts Gallagher’s hard edges with whimsical tulle, bows, and ribbons. Her signature “Dead Doll” illustration is featured prominently on several items, including a bodysuit, gloves, and facemask.

“Orpiment” is Gallagher’s 23rd collection. She launched her women’s ready-to-wear brand more than a decade ago in New York City. Her signature style, which combines subtly detailed, minimalist garments, has evolved over the seasons and continues to resonate through all Gallagher’s recent collections, including “Orpiment.”

Through her work as an independent designer, Gallagher has created an eco-conscious brand that utilizes dead stock and recycled fabrics, giving the material a rebirth and pairing it with silk, nylon, mesh, tulle, and leather.  

Katie Gallagher is an internationally recognized American fashion designer. Gallagher’s collections have been celebrated by Vogue, The Cut, Elle, Glamour, Refinery 29, W, Interview and Nylon, among many others, for her attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and creativity. Gallagher pulls inspiration from music, art, her childhood, and her life in New York City and Los Angeles.
Spring/Summer 2021 is Gallagher’s 23rd season. 

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