Kreepie?‍♂️That Zombie Guy from Terror Technologies

Art Imitates Life Imitating Art

 Dark Silhouette of a Creature Poised  Crouched on the corner of a Cl

iffs Edge


For years, Al Baker has been  playing a fictional zombie character named Kreepie.

Kreepie has attended  countless Buffalo fundraisers, along with his zombie cohorts at Terror Technologies.

 Due to Al’s incredible ability to portray a lifelike (or deadlike in  this case) zombie, the character of Kreepie has been emblazoned upon the  minds of thousands upon thousands of his fans.

 It’s truly the stuff  that nightmares are made of.

If you’ve ever come across  Kreepie in a zombie apocalypse setting, then you know how scary he can  be.

 Al’s ability to play the demonic creature in real life settings is  unsettling.

There’s only one person that could pull it off, and that’s  Al.

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