KÛR- SS2020

KÛR Spring Summer 2020 Radical Dance 

(inspired by Tanztheater, German “Dance theater”)

The collection is a composition of a love affair with classic silhouettes elevated with delicate shine fabric.

It is inspired by many dance projects of the Tanztheater and the work by choreographers such as Pina Bousch.. more than a mere ‘blend’ of dance and dramatic elements.

Signature handmade beeralu lace mixed with integrate small scale sparkling pom pom fabric texture for the novelty charm.

The every piece has a story but it is not about perfection; It’s about pieces that last for a life time, rustic texture and handmade lace for evening and vacation hero pieces, get better with age and more special basics.

This collection is, something personal, something intimate and something playful.


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