Kyle Bunting Industry Leaders, Shakes The Mold

This move is indicative of a larger trend in the world of interior design business, a trend marked by increased digital exchange relationally, commercially, and editorially. With the dawn of an ever-new design business landscape, Kyle Bunting is a powerhouse figure in self-reinvention and boundary-pushing, evident in his line of bespoke, often surprising, floor coverings.

To better fulfill this demand from architects and interior designers, Kyle Bunting today announced that it has formed a direct sales team to sell its award-winning products directly to the community, thus replacing the previous model of independent representation with a dedicated world-class sales force. This move will deliver faster, more personalized service through design innovation, thought leadership, and high-touch consulting with exponential new growth opportunities.

As a young boy, Bunting would often accompany his father to the rodeos in his native Texas, where they would sell raw cowhides. Drawing on the family business, Kyle Bunting reinterpreted the hide trade, discovering its extensive material and artistic properties.

With rodeo roots, Bunting’s hide rugs have established themselves as the finest rugs, wallcoverings, and upholstery in the industry. This next step in the direction of solely outside sales is just the next step in the legacy of an ever-renewing business model.

Collaborations with leading international designers bring a dynamic range of styles and perspectives to Kyle Bunting’s collection, while his unlimited customization capabilities have opened client’s eyes to utilizing hide in ways many could not have imagined.

Hide is a material of incredible depth and dimension that brings unlimited design potential to rugs, walls, pillows and upholstery. Kyle Bunting continues to be true to this one material, constantly creating new designs in hide. With his team of contributing designers, Kyle Bunting innovates and expands the possibilities from his studio in Austin, Texas



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