L.XÚ YUHAN, founded in 2019 by designer Yuhan Xu, dedicated to blending couture handcraft into wearable garments.
L.XÚ YUHAN enriches fabric characteristics with innovating craftsmanship to create sculptural silhouette and unexpected combination of classic and futurism, softness and strength  With exploring the relationship of human and nature, Yuhan Xu hopes to expand more possibilities for society and the planet.
L.XÚ YUHAN destroys and unites the so-called opposite, and provides a new perspective for human’s self-cognition and development of society.


019 to 2020, from the Australia’s destructive fires to the locust crisis in east Africa, from the abnormal temperature in Antarctica to the worldwide coronavirus, the nature seems releasing his wrath, to man’s arrogance and technological civilization. “Where is the future and how is the future?”, “how to save our earth and how to use our technology?”, these questions, like a pair of bony hands, squeeze and twist everyone’s heart.



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