It’s raffia season!  Is it straw?  Is it hay?  Whatever it is, it’s the season for it!

Flexible and pliant but also wonderfully resilient and slightly waterproof (which prevents it from cracking and becoming brittle over time) raffia is a perfectly natural plant that is ideal for weaving.  London’s darling luxe artisanal handbag collection, L’ALINGI, releases their “Raffia” collection just in time for Summer 2023!

And as we all know, there is something about the rustling sound and look of raffia that screams “summer”!

Pair them with a flowy day dress, a pair of cute shorts and a nice pair of open toe flats, you will easily top off your look with one of the cute and colorful raffia bags from L’Alingi!  A day at the beach?  Picnic in the park?

L’Alingi has you covered there as well with their “basket” bags!  9.5″x11″x3″, but don’t let the small size fool ya!

These are ideal for carrying your phone, keys, cards and SPF as you sit on the beach, lake or topside.  Yet, they are cute enough to pair with a cute cocktail dress as you hit the town!



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