Latina Designer Flor De Maria Stays On Runway Trends With Her Cha-Cha “SAMANTHA” Mule This Season!

BOWS ARE TRENDING ON THE RUNWAYS – Look No Further Than The “Samantha” from FLOR DE MARIA

Always ahead of the game, Latina designer FLOR DE MARIA adds a dash of cha-cha flirt and flare with her new “SAMANTHA”!  Comfy, casual, fun and flirtatious, with its retro girlish 50’s styling, this is truly a must have for your shoe carousel.

Sitting on a 4″ heel, this stiletto is adorned with an exquisite bow that is carefully hand tied and sewn.

With its padded insole for extra comfort and patent leather outsole, these mules are available in neon pink and black PVC.

Once you slip them on and head out the door, you are sure to have all eyes on as you strut and sashay


Every time Flor de Maria Rivera steps into a pair of heels from her eponymous brand, a world of prestige and allure unfolds before her. “I immediately feel unstoppable and that I can take on the world,” says the designer and founder of Flor De Maria, a luxury women’s shoe brand.  “I transform into my strongest and most alluring self.”

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Peruvian-born designer oversees the entire creation process–from sketching to sourcing choice materials to the finished product. Every step of the way, Rivera ensures her designs are created with meticulous craftsmanship and sumptuous leathers. In select cases, the shoes are adorned with exquisite, high-quality stones, adding an element of elegance and sophistication. “All details are important to me because I want to ensure that each pair of Flor de Maria shoes elevates my clients’ style and amplifies her personality,” explains Rivera. “I want to make her feel radiant and determined.”

In a short amount of time, the Flor de Maria shoe line has transcended mere fashion; the brand has become a symbol of empowerment and a reminder to women who wear them that they possess the power to face any challenge and leave an indelible mark on the world. Hollywood has taken notice. Today, Flor de Maria heels grace the feet of celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, Jenna Ortega, Cameron Diaz and Jada Pinkett-Smith, whose shoes helped create red carpet iconic looks.

Before establishing her brand, Rivera’s journey took her from accomplished journalist to television anchor, to publicist, to beauty and style expert and now shoe designer. Despite her success, Rivera felt a strong pull toward her first love: Fashion. Rivera recalls a vivid memory as a toddler, walking out of her mother’s boudoir wearing a pair of electric blue pumps. “Everyone was impressed because my feet were so small, but I could handle the heel, I didn’t fall,” she laughs as she remembers “being transfixed and falling in love with high heels.

Over the years, Rivera’s passion for shoes blossomed and she grew a collection that boasted more than 500 pairs. “Though I was amassing a diverse collection of shoes across various price points, it was often difficult to find what I truly wanted in a shoe,” she remembers. “Ultimately, I was looking for comfort in a high-end shoe that was also a showstopper.” An idea struck her: Why not start a company to design shoes for women who, like Rivera, were scaling new heights at the workplace, wanting to look sexy, feminine, glam and walk comfortably? “I also thought it could be genius to add a versatility component, such as ankle bracelets on some shoes, so that women could wear the same shoe in different ways.”

Ever the prepared journalist, Rivera took entrepreneurial classes at Stanford University, equipping herself with the skills needed to launch and manage a strong business. Next, she enrolled at Arsutoria School, one of Italy’s top shoe design schools, to study shoe design. The result was Flor de Maria, a distinguished luxury brand that turns out feminine, showstopper and comfortable shoes by fusing quality craftsmanship with aesthetic sophistication.

In only a few years, Flor de Maria has emerged as a label synonymous with elegance and renowned for releasing captivating collections at an accessible price point. “I created an array of elegant heels–from classic stilettos to sandal heels that are bedazzled with crystals and made in an array of fine leathers,” she says, adding that her collection also includes flat sandals and  boots. “My clientele is navigating a fast-paced lifestyle leading corporate teams, enjoying fun nights out with their friends and venturing into glamorous destinations worldwide,” Rivera. “They’re taking over the world and want to look their best without sacrificing comfort.” It is a world that Rivera, too, is intimately familiar with, a fact that undoubtedly contributes to her resounding success. “I am blessed with the greatest job in the world as I essentially design for myself.


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