Launching Raazika Cosmetics,

My story started last September.

 As a middle school student, a friend of mine frequently shared how much she was teased on her appearance and looks.

These comments directly impacted her self-esteem to the point where she told me she was having suicidal thoughts.

To hear these words coming from my best friend, I was frightened and knew there was something I could do to help change her mind.

That day I came home and told my mother that we need to help girls and boys feel they are beautiful and strong.

Thus our motto “I am Beautiful, I am Strong.”


Launching Raazika Cosmetics, I wanted to create a company to empower boys and girls – regardless of religion, age, race, and gender.

A cosmetics line truly for everyone that is hypo-allergenic, halal certified, cruelty, paraben, and fragrance free.

My goal for Raazika, meaning one who provides for others in Arabic, is to enhance beauty from within and provide a voice for others.

A portion of proceeds from Raazika Cosmetics is donated to BESTRONG, an organization that helps teens with bullying and suicide help.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to share my story and ultimately inspire other teens.

We are beautiful, we are strong!

-Kadijah Ikram

15 years old, Founder + CEO



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