Spring Summer 2024 couture collection « Les Jardins de Luisa Casati »

Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week


Lena Erziak showcases a collection inspired by the extravagance of Marquise Luisa Casati. Luisa left her mark on her era with extravagant events, including luxurious and extravagant balls characterized by opulence. She effortlessly navigated both high society and avant-garde artists. Luisa, known for her eccentricities and beauty, earned a reputation as a femme fatale, captivating audiences by strolling with leashed cheetahs and adorning herself with live snakes as jewelry. Her legendary soirées featured exotic animals, making her a patron of prominent fashion designers. In Venice and Capri, she hosted extravagant parties, declaring her desire to be a “living work of art.”

In the former Robert de Montesquiou residence, she hosted all the high society of Paris in the winter garden of the residence.


It is in this garden that we discover Lena Erziak’s collection, made up of feathers in abundance but also silk chiffon, organza, silk taffeta, and duchess satin. Looks with extravagant and perfectly executed volumes, in shimmering and punchy Colors, made for a « femme fatale », glamorous, strong, and with character.

This 100% made-in-France collection required all the French couture know-how such as feather workers and corset makers.

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