Lisa Rinna, Karlie Kloss, Emma Chamberlain & More Cover CR Fashion Book Issue 22


The Mother Nature-Themed Issue Hits Global Newsstands on April 13.

NEW YORK, NY (April 13, 2023) – Hitting global newsstands on April 13, Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld unveiled CR Fashion Book (CRFB) Issue 22 with eight stunning covers featuring international music sensation SZA, the upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy star Ever Anderson, fashion muse and internet breakout star Emma Chamberlain, models Karlie KlossSaskia De BrauwGabbriette, and Abby Champion, and actress and television personality Lisa Rinna. Simultaneously, British actor Harris Dickinson covers Issue 16 of CR Men (CRM).

Roitfeld recently announced that the upcoming issue will be dedicated to Mother Nature and its beauty. As a mother and grandmother, Roitfeld feels a strong sense of responsibility to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to experience and connect with nature in its purest form.

One of the issue’s highlights is a personal tribute to the iconic fashion designer and environmental activist Vivienne Westwood, which features iconic supermodel Karlie Kloss. Roitfeld recognizes Westwood’s fierce dedication to protecting the planet and hopes to inspire readers with her message.

“It’s time to think about our legacy, not only as what we will be remembered for, but how future generations can benefit from it,” says Roitfeld. “I hope this issue serves as a reminder that nature is not forever if we don’t all take action now.”

The stunning homage to Vivienne Westwood is brought to life by guest creative directors Kate Aubrey and Kyra Griffin, with photography by Emma Summerton and fashion styling by Roitfeld herself.

The American singer SZA is featured in a fashion spread photographed by Nick Riley Bentham. The article discusses SZA’s self-described neurosis, her ability to express emotion on her records, and how her music explores themes of polyamory and personal entanglements.

In a spread captured by Petra Collins and styled by Ava Van Osdol, internet sensation Emma Chamberlain opens up about her unique upbringing as an only child without cable television and her journey to becoming a prominent Gen Z influencer. With her signature authenticity and relatable style, Chamberlain discusses her obsessive tendencies and the challenges of being a role model for young fans.

In a spread captured by legendary British artist Martin ParrLisa Rinna discusses her decision to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and how she is comfortable with herself at 59. While her time on the show is over, she indicates that her time in the spotlight is not.

The breakout star of Peter Pan & WendyEver Anderson, is set to soar to new heights. In a spread, the Miu Miu ambassador and daughter of Milla Jovovich and Paul W. S. Anderson, is photographed by Matt Jones.

British actor Harris Dickinson shares his journey of taking on challenging roles, including his roles in Triangle of Sadness, Steve McQueen’s upcoming movie Blitz and the FX miniseries Retreat with Emma Corrin. In a spread captured by Benjamin Lennox and styled by Ben SchofieldCR Men cover star Dickinson discusses his transformation from a BAFTA-nominated darling to a household name.

Models Gabbriette, photographed by Donna TropeSaskia de Brauw, photographed by Justin French, and Abby Champion, photographed by Letty Schmiterlow, are also featured in the Mother Nature-themed issue.

“The launch of CR Fashion Book Issue 22 and CR Men Issue 16 is a joyous occasion for us,” states CR Fashion Book’s CEOVladimir Roitfeld. “Our upcoming issue is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Mother Nature, and we’re proud to present a remarkable transformation since the pandemic began – most of the photography in this issue was shot on location, highlighting breathtaking locations such as the beaches of Malibu and Hawaii. This unique perspective brings a fresh outlook to fashion and style, and we can’t wait for our readers to explore the pages.”

CR Fashion Book Issue 22 and CR MEN Issue 16 hit global newsstands on April 13.



On Her Neurosis:

I’m just neurotic about everything. I’m neurotic, and I have a lot of anxiety.”

On Humanity:

It’s hard to not have a scarcity mindset when everything is so fucking scarce down to eggs and everything else. Jobs are scarce. Food is scarce. And now, I think, humanity is scarce. We’re fucking with humanity now. We need to take a break from hypercriticism and give everyone a break from projecting our anger in the comments section.”

On Following in Kelis’ Footsteps:

There was no one that looked like her and [also] thought as I did. And I think now we know people like Kelis exist. So, looking at her growing up, I was like, wow, I am that.”

On Her Mother:

She is definitely more conservative than I am.”

But I still thought [her clothing] was cool because it was thrifty, and things that come from places with culture and history are more important than a name brand. And I think that was taught to me through my mom because I love all of her…like a small copper ring that she got from Nigeria. And she would add it to her outfit, and it just made so much more sense than anything that she could have purchased here, and I’m like, damn, okay, I get it. It’s energy, it’s all just energy. That’s what makes them fly.”

On Her Future:

“I feel like designing is in my nature. And I’m gonna continue to do that.”


On Her Viral Moment with Jack Harlow at the Met Gala:

I laughed my ass off. I don’t even remember saying that in the interview.”

On Her Current Social Life:

I don’t have a lot of time right now to have friends. And that’s okay with me.”

On What She’s Learned Becoming a Celebrity:

Celebrities are not any more amazing than somebody that you met in the street. So, I know that now.”

On the Pressure of Being a Role Model to Young Women and Girls:

“There can be times when I become sort of obsessive about my own behavior, not allowing myself as much room to make mistakes, because I feel that pressure to be a perfect person. Not in the superficial ways, but more on a moral level.”

On Growing Up an Only Child:

Growing up an only child was really special in so many ways… But I was lonely at times, and I was bored at times, and it made me who I am.”


On Learning an English Accent for Her Role as Wendy in Peter Pan & Wendy:

I worked with my dad who’s English on my accent and watched a lot of Ab Fab!”

On Doing Her Own Stunts for the Film Peter Pan & Wendy:

I did the majority of my stunts. It was crazy at times but so incredible.”

On Her Most Featured Designer in her Closer:

“Miu Miu!”

On Her Biggest Influence on Her Career:

“Lucille Ball was the first actress along with my mom that made me fall in love with acting.”


On Fame:

I love fame, I think it’s the greatest thing.”

On Her Drive of Becoming an Actress:

My mom Lois wanted to be an actress too and never got to follow her dream, so that’s always been a big part of my drive too.”

On Nepotism:

I had no connections, I didn’t know anybody, I was just determined to make it happen. I’m not a nepo baby! I have two of them but I’m not one and neither was my husband.”

On the Recipe of Reality TV Show Success:

Drama is what the shows are about! If you don’t talk about the elephant in the room, then what are we talking about, my yoga class? What I had for breakfast? No one wants to watch that.”

On Her Decision to Move on from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

It’s hard because it’s a job and it’s hard for me to leave a good paycheck but I just really knew in my gut that it was time to move on.”

On Her Numerous Viral Memes:

I don’t ever understand what the memes are about or the gifs and all that.”

On the Rumors of a Kardashian-style Family Reality TV Show in the Works:

Never say never.”



On His Secret to Staying Grounded:

I take acting very seriously but at the same time, I don’t take myself seriously.”

On Whether or Not He Feels He’s on a Winning Streak:

In some ways, yes. In some ways, no,” he says, suggesting it’s better to simply forget the misses.”

On Storytelling Being Central to His Upbringing:

If you can’t tell a good story, the conversation will move on.”

On Hypermasculinity:

As long as there’s another perspective of it.”

Additional CR Fashion Book Issue 22 features:

  • In ‘The Growth Paradox,’ writer Whitney Bauck discusses the concept of “degrowth,” a social movement that advocates reducing our obsession with economic growth in order to protect the environment. The article argues that a degrowth framework could lead to a more sustainable fashion future where garment workers are paid a living wage and consumers treasure quality goods that can be passed down for generations.
  • In ‘Higher Power,’ writer Fiorella Valdesolo delved into the societal view of psychedelics, with a specific focus on ayahuasca.
  • In ‘Andromede’ writer Camille Okhio explores mythological creatures that have taken on many forms, from bird-bodied women to the modern-day mermaid, and how they have been associated with fertility, luck, and danger and have even become a part of activism. Accompanying photography by Kacper Kasprzyk and styling by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen.

Additional CR Men Issue 16 Features:

  • In an outdoor-themed spread shot by Luca CampriDara Gueye is styled by Marie Cheiakh.
  • In ‘Broken Spectre,’ Natalie Shukur discusses the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and the era-defining climate change with accompanying photography by Richard Mosse.
  • In ‘Grizzly Bears,’ Mallory Rice discusses the enduring appeal of grizzly bear attack stories—and where to find them.


SZA: Photography by Nick Riley Bentham, Styling by Mark-Paul Barro

Karlie Kloss: Photography by Emma Summerton, Styling by Carine Roitfeld, Guest Creative Direction by Kate Aubrey & Kyra Griffin

Emma Chamberlain: Photography by Petra Collins, Styling by Ava Van Osdol

Harris Dickinson: Photography by Benjamin Lennox, Styling by Ben Schofield

Abby Champion: Photography by Letty Schmiterlow, Styling by Carine Roitfeld

Saskia De Brauw: Photography by Justin French, Styling by Danielle Van Camp

Lisa Rinna: Photography by Martin Parr, Styling by Youssef Marquis

Ever Anderson: Photography by Matt Jones, Styling by Britt Layton Baptista

Gabbriette: Photography by Donna Trope, Styling by Alex Picon

Visit today to order CR Fashion Book 22 and CR MEN 16 before it hits newsstands on April 13.

About CR Fashion Book:

Founded by Carine Roitfeld in 2012, CR Fashion Book is a biannual publication and online platform about style, culture, and inspiration. Spotlighting both celebrities—past cover stars include Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, and more—and the discovery of the next big thing, CR presents a new way to look at fashion and the world itself.

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