The golden Pavilion 

The Louis Gabriel Nouchi SS19 collection is inspired by Yukio Mishima’s book «The Temple of The Golden Pavilion.
The story of a monk, so obsessed by the beauty of this temple that he burned it down; a true story from the 2nd world war.
This book makes the reader reflect on the notion of beauty in a world in crisis.

The loose cuts reminiscent of the kimonos, enveloping the body to reveal the sensuality of the space between the skin and the fabric becomes a zone of mysterious, sublimated by the movement.

Gold silks, precious and delicate, are counterbalanced by aggressive treatments on denim or Jersey materials, such as Bleaching or overdyed fabric.

A selection of activewear, made in collaboration with Damart combines sensitivity and functionality. Offering a contemporary wardrobe, highlighting the relationship between the body and sportswear.

The print motives of large flowers, placed randomly, exacerbate a dramatic beauty, like a shroud, which make us face the daily violence of the world around us.

Founded in 2017 in paris by Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, LGN offers a distinctly contemporary wardrobe – a hybrid between classic tailoring and sportswear inspired by literature, art and japanese culture.

The brand provides a futuristic insight at the edge of premium elegance, counterculture and grunge.

Refusing to be constrained by traditional gender norms, LGN rebels against the rules and encourages both their pieces and customers to cross the male-female divide.

Focusing primarily on knitwear and jersey, LGN work with the best fabrics and exclusively produce with french and italian factories, thereby guaranteeing only the highest quality result.

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