VFILES (aka VFILES FOUNDATION) hosted Love, Kelly’s Runway show that consisted of an intricate and undoubtedly impressive three-part collection.
Love, Kelly – Milo (18) and Kelly (23) met via Instagram through their mutual ties to Vermont where Milo’s family has had roots since the ‘80s. Kelly, a Vermont native, had made a name for himself as one of the rebel organizers of Vermont’s growing underground hip-hop scene. As if only knowing each other for a year wasn’t hard enough to believe given the two’s incredible chemistry with their flow and brand– The two made the entire, three-part collection of 43 pieces in just 40 days. All of which were hand-sewn by self-taught Milo, and each piece is 1/1. All materials are sourced in NY. That’s not all, they also executed building the films around clothes.  Each part of the collection has an accompanying short film in which Kelly starred and directed:
  • Dear Love, Should I Wait Forever? – A story of going through the reoccurring heartbreak and the temporary nature of love between humans.

  • Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly: The commonality of every person experiencing life’s hardships but that not all wounds heal, some you carry with you.

  • Vermont – an Ode to their common home – a nod to classic Vermont style of living.

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