Love Never Dies Photos by Cheryl Gorski

 Love Never Dies
Cassie Elsaesser

In fashion, designers often pull inspiration from decades that have passed.

This season it’s an era that none of us can remember but can embrace nonetheless. Turn of the century inspired shoes, dresses and accessories are adding an element of charm and romance on the runways in many designer collections.

When thinking about clothing from this era we often imagine women in corsets, bustled skirts and billowing hats accessorized in pearls and lace.

Men of this time wore bow ties, suspenders, button up shirts and vests with a top hat to finish off the look.
This season, takings hints and pieces of the turn of the century era can add a surprisingly fresh and updated sophistication to your look.

Designers added flares of this era to many of their runway pieces. Tracy Reese and Camilla Staerk showcased their take on this look with floor skimming black lace dresses. Anna Sui took a different approach putting white turn of the century inspired dresses with hints of bows and lace down the runway.

For the men Bespoken took top hats and bow ties to a whole new level with their runway show, pairing them with button up shirts and fitted pants.

When wearing turn of the century pieces it is important to still keep an updated look.

This season long maxi skirts that are reminiscent on the turn of century era are very in style.

Pairing this skirt with a wide belt and lace corset is a great way to add a sexy flare to this look. Cropped jackets with an early 1900s feel and exaggerated shoulders are also on trend this season and are perfect for fall.

Accessorizing this jacket with pearls and a fitted lace shirt finish off this look with an old world charm.

Men can embrace this early century trend by wearing fitted dress pants and a button up shirt, with suspenders being a perfect accessory for this ensemble.

Bow ties are also very in style right now and can add sophistication to a man’s look while also showcasing a very big trend for fall and winter.

With the cold weather looming in the air adding turn of the century inspired pieces to your updated ensemble will take you through these chilly upcoming months in style.

Shoot Location was taken at the Iron Island Museum .

Even though Halloween has passsed you can always go to a real haunted house !
Iron Island Museum 998 Lovejoy St, Buffalo, NY 14206
Hours: Monday2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Thursday5:00 PM – 9:00 PM Friday and Saturday10:00 AM – 1:00 PM $5.00 admission per person. Museum is run by volunteers so hours may vary. Museum tours available by appointment

The Iron Island Museum
Built in 1895 as a popular Methodist-Episcopal church, it was eventually taken over in the 1950s by a funeral director and converted into a funeral home.

Finally in 2000, Anthony Amigone donated the building to The Iron Island Preservation Society of Lovejoy, Inc. so that they could continue their efforts to preserve the history of the Iron Island neighborhood.

Now open to the public as a museum with a large collection of donated historical items, for $5.00 a person you can experience the rich history of the former railroad and maybe even meet the local spirits that make this museum their home.

After being investigated by some paranormal groups, the members of the preservation society have embraced the paranormal history and offer late night lectures, ghost hunts, and seances for an additional fee.

The museum was even featured on the popular Sci-Fi Channel series Ghost Hunters.

Previously thought to have the ghost of a young boy wandering the rooms of the old funeral home where he was laid for his wake, after the TAPS investigation it is now believed that the ghosts of an older man and a woman are part of the ghostly world of The Iron Island Museum.

Features Editor : Casssie Elsaesser
All Photography & Managing Editor : Cheryl Gorski
Stylists : Casssie Elsaesser & Cameron Richard
Make : Up Dani Weiser
Guest Hair Stylist : Whitney Curry
Prop Stylist  : Todd Warfield, Lucy Mancuso, Michael Merisola

Executive Producer / Video Journalist : Richard Renda

Watch for The Iron Island Museum episode on the Discovery Channels “Ghost Lab” with the Klinge Brothers


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