Luxury White Cleaning Offering: NY’s Youngest Cosmetic Dentist Shines at Apa Aesthetic

New York’s Youngest Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Nick Mavrostomos, D.D.S. Is Bringing Designer Smiles To The People Of New York City

The business of cosmetic dentistry is far from a new concept, and it has many layers. Every Dentist who is skilled at smile makeovers can attest to the fact that styles vary. Sure, the very bold, bright white Fifth Avenue grin is a highly sought after smile that has truly remained the luxury aesthetic. However, New York City’s youngest cosmetic dentist Dr. Nick Mavrostomos, D.D.S. aka Dr. Mavro works with patients of all ages and backgrounds who arguably want to look like they’ve been born with the good teeth gene. Dr. Mavro is passionate about his work and aims to improve smiles while making his patients still see themselves in the mirror—only an elevated version. That’s his main goal: to keep his work going and bring his own unique style to his work. When someone smiles, the goal is to know it’s a Dr. Mavro smile. When starting at the world famous Apa Aesthetic, Dr. Mavro had the opportunity to head to their Los Angeles office, working on the next stars of Hollywood, however he chose to tap into his surrounding and community in New York City and has quickly become the go to in the New York scene for cosmetic dentistry. With a clientele of movie stars, athletes, musicians, influencers, and other top notch public figures, these A-list celebrities have come to know and trust the youngest cosmetic dentist in New York City to deliver his signature designer smile that he has become known for.

When asked about finding such success in the cosmetic dentistry world at such a young age, DrMavro said “In truth I never really measure the success I’ve had in this field thus far relative to my age. I don’t find myself comparing myself to other dentists my age or to those more tenured. I’m certainly aware and take pride in my growth so far in my career, but when you know that you have a special talent and set of skills, the focus is on the daily craft, and on delivering the highest quality work for each patient. My goal is not to be the best young cosmetic dentist, my goal is just to be one of the best periods. I take pride in seeing that people are realizing my talent, not in the fact that I’m doing it at such a young age. People always ask me what’s my favorite case I’ve ever done, and I tell them, ‘It’s the next one that I’m working on”

Growing up just a half hour outside of New York City in New Jersey, Dr. Mavro was born into dentistry, with his father’s successful cosmetic dentistry practice in Bedminster, New Jersey. However, Dr. Mavro wanted to create his own career path, so he never even worked with this father or thought about taking over his successful practice, which many assumed he would. In fact, while his father’s profession introduced him to dentistry, it was his own passion that kept him there. The art of the smile ultimately became a fascination for him and one that he wanted to pursue on his own. Dr. Mavro attended dental school at the prestigious New York University, completing his residency in New York City as well. It was there that he met world-renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa of Apa Aesthetic. He stayed in touch with Apa for years, learning the ins and outs of cosmetic dentistry as a means to position himself for working in the most high-end dental office franchise in the world.  By the time Dr. Mavro completed his residency, he was offered a coveted position at Apa Aesthetics at just 28 years old. With Apa Aesthetic offices in New York City, Beverly Hills, Miami, and Dubai, Dr. Mavro was initially bound for LA, though he chose to remain in New York City and tap into the budding young scene here around designer smiles. With Hollywood’s good looks and a clean-cut city boy appeal, Dr. Mavro is taking over, while bringing a refreshing new energy to the cosmetic dental field. Now 29, his approach to dentistry combines traditional with modern. While Dr. Mavro has built a considerable clientele of patients who have experienced his skill and trust his vision for their smiles, Dr. Mavro is quickly bringing in a whole other roster of patients from New York City’s famed nightlife scene. From movie stars to athletes, musicians, influencers, and other top-notch public figures, these A-list celebrities are seeking out the youngest face in cosmetic dentistry to curate their smiles. Stay tuned to Dr. Mavro’s socials below to stay up to date with his busy lifestyle as he continues to bring designer smiles to the people of New York City.


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