MAIAMI is a luxury knitwear fashion label based in Berlin



Maiami is a luxury knitwear fashion label based in Berlin.
Maike Dietrich, designer and owner of Maiami founded her label in the beginning of 2004.
The incentive behind this was to create a high quality product evolving from her personal passion for knitting.
Since the beginning Maiami has been shown it’s collection regularly in Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Paris during Fashion Week.

As of now, the collections are represented by multiple agencies around the globe and sold in multi label concept stores and designer shops.

Photograpy by Kristin Loschert

The Collections
The Maiami collections consist of hand knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories with a modern and special impression, achieved through the combination of colours and the selective placement of motifs.
The contrast between modernity and traditional handcraft is the signature of the designer and shows itself in individual styles, the collections and the overall look of the label.
The Maiami basic collection includes timeless favorites and carry overs made of various sorts of mohair yarn, as well as pure virgin wool and alpaca which makes them exclusive, soft and pleasant to wear.

We Care
In a time of virtuality, artificialness and high tech, the special aesthetic of these traditionally handcrafted knits mixed with modern components, provokes a return to natural, handmade products with a soft feel.
Besides the aesthetic aspect of the hand knitted product, Maiami attaches huge importance to a sustainable and transparent work process. Working with personally known knitters mostly from Berlin/Germany, or family owned manufacturers in the EU, Maiami cultivates a very friendly and familiar atmosphere, which is shown in the quality of the collections and shows the charm of the label itself.

The conscientious selection of high quality yarns and the careful hand knitting makes every Maiami piece unique and highly fashionable.

Maiami believes in slow fashion as a new luxury.



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