Maisie Wilen NYFW SS2021 photos IMAXTree

Maisie Wilen’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection is an exploration of how a garment’s design can manipulate its image. The clothes prompt the viewer to reconsider their perspective.

The collection introduces new fabrics such as silk and metallic wovens, which are in grayscale and faded milky color schemes. While still showcasing fan favorites like featherweight jerseys and perforated knits, this season Maisie Wilen explores looser fitting silhouettes that create a peeling illusion.

On finding inspiration for the collection this season, Maisie said the following:

My collection’s theme explores the effect of viewing images instead of having live interactions with design. I was working on this theme back in February, but coincidentally lockdown generated the exact environment of rarely seeing things in person, an ironically perfect setting for this research. In particular this inspired me to create the fantasy-like imagery seen in the prints as quarantine warped and idealized the now inaccessible.  

Maisie Wilen is a women’s fashion label launched by Maisie Schloss in June 2019. Before launching the brand Schloss worked as a womenswear designer at YEEZY. Admiring her unique style and design talent Kanye West provided Schloss with seed funding and support, allowing her to launch Maisie Wilen.
Maisie Wilen


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