MAISON the FAUX LA SS2019 photos by Jordan Millington

Shop Now, Cry Later!
On the 18th of October MAISON the FAUX studios will present exclusive MAISON the FAUX x CALA merchandise and sell unique samples at Century 21 in New York City during a
“Shop Now, Cry Later” event.

has the great pleasure to reveal “Smile NOW, Cry LATER” in collaboration with MAAVVEN and Nina McNeely

On the 5th of October MAISON the FAUX
(a creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house)
presented “Smile NOW, Cry LATER” in downtown Los Angeles.

MAISON the FAUX presented their take on Los Angeles, the city of the fake, for the second time. Continuing their collaboration with Maavven and acclaimed choreographer and director Nina McNeely.

Heavily influenced by the presence of Hollywood and anything that involves constructed realities and emotions; MAISON the FAUX created an immersive performance within a spatial surrounding.

Within the creation of the presentation MAISON the FAUX studios went looking for true meaning and authenticity by asking the questions:

When are emotions and feelings genuine and when does the character take over?
How do you recognize the mask?

Walking into the venue, the audience entered a MAISON the FAUX STUDIOS SET. A garden, a bedroom and an office surrounding were set up in the midst of a heavy populated set.
The MAISON the FAUX crew created a “piece de resistance” with actors franticly making sure they got characterization of their role just right.
The performance often took the best of the actors while performing the 7 scenes of “Smile Now, Cry Later”. An A.D. was directing the life audience to Smile and to Cry along with the characters.

Not only did the emotions of the characters have to be just right; the wardrobe and glam also played a crucial role in transforming an ordinary human into a persona.
The costume of the cast was tied together by voluminous houndstooth costumes and crafted leather garments and constructed denim items. Modern pieces were gathered into romantic, organically shaped items. Showing a carefully outlined balance between classic comedy and contemporary drama.

The method of acting and the staging of a performance ultimately teaches you that “it’s okay to cry”.

Smile Now, Cry Later 

“A creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house.”
www.MAISON the

–Production and Creative Development by Maavven

Choreography by Nina McNeely
Sound Design by BuckmonsterMake-up lead by Nova Kaplan
Hair by the Harlot team

Shoes in collaboration with Adult Antwerp
Legwear by Leg Avenue
Drinks by Gem & Bolt



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