NY-Based Designer Marina Moscone Debuts SS24 Collection

Where she explores the concept of Coloring Outside The Lines

The Spring Summer 2024 collection embarks on an exploration, crafting inventive and refined silhouettes through meticulous construction and precise tailoring. Art serves as a significant muse, with influences drawn from sources like Liam Lee’s vibrant felt chair sculptures and Cy Twombly’s exquisite works on paper.

NY-based designer Marina Moscone unveiled her Spring Summer 2024 collection at her midtown atelier on Friday, September 8th.

The collection seamlessly weaves together tailoring and technical patterning with artful prints and embroidery, skillfully contrasting while also finding a harmonious interplay between these elements.

Each ensemble plays with the notion of defying conventions, a concept Marina describes as “coloring outside the lines.” This approach brings together the realms of structure and color, boldness and subtlety, and striking with the gentle. The collection stays true to the brand’s signature focus on the subtle interplay between masculine and feminine aesthetics, spotlighting the intricate exploration of fabrics and the artistry involved in garment craftsmanship.

You’ll see a diverse array of techniques in this season. From Marina’s new take on the boyfriend blazer silhouette, which features exaggerated proportions and is crafted with cape-style set-in sleeves, to a figurative, loosely hand-drawn Scribble Dot Print and a delicate micro floral print adorning everyday silhouettes including sheath dresses, pajama-inspired loungewear, and the designer’s innovative interpretation of her timeless Twist Dress. This collection features multi-use pieces designed to be worn in several distinctive ways, encouraging the wearer to join in on coloring outside the lines.

The fusion of structure and fluidity takes center stage this season, melded together in beautiful renderings.

While upholding the brand’s core essence, designer Marina Moscone articulated the following notion:

It’s important to me to maintain unwavering technical excellence in quality and craftsmanship. At the same time, I embraced the sensibility of coloring outside the lines, disrupting classicism with my interpretation of stepping beyond conventional boundaries.

Throughout the collection, a fresh perspective breathes life into familiar silhouettes, as diverse fabrics are explored, and pieces are artfully paired. The jewelry draws inspiration from Alma Allan’s sculptures, infusing a sense of playfulness and exaggerated forms, where tailoring proportions are magnified and sizes are stacked for an impactful effect.

The brand’s core pieces experience a metamorphosis through hand-drawn novel prints and subtle structural innovations, ensuring a captivating reinterpretation.

Techniques this season range from:

  • The classic Boyfriend Blazer silhouette in exaggerated proportions with cape-style sleeves, in ivory and black suiting with a men’s-inspired Slim Slouch Trouser (6, 26)

  • The Basque Blazer, nipped in the waist with exaggerated volume at the hip, in black with a satin lapel and a new mahogany tailoring (1, 4)

  • A hand-drawn Scribble Print interpreted using thread-embroidery, inspired by a 230-year-old water nymph statue ‘Sabrina’ scribbled on my children using blue crayon (10, 13)

  • A hand-drawn Scribble Dot Print on silk twill cut into the designer’s reimagined Twist Dress, with a new, backless bodice (7)

  • Bias-cut chiffon ruffles added onto Relaxed Trousers (2), knee-length slip dresses (9), a square neck top (20), and mini-skirt (4, 5)

  • A 60’s length off-shoulder dress rendered in bias-cut chiffon ruffles with a bodice in midnight lurex (3)

  • Everyday sheaths with a decorative bust detail, rendered in the Scribble Dot Print (19), a new Micro Floral Print in painter’s green (16), white chintz cotton (12), and iris satin (14)

  • A Tabard Wrap Dress in a patchwork of collection fabrics and prints can be worn five ways (17, 21, 27)

  • A classic black satin sheath with a deconstructed button-out sash (18)

  • A deconstructed wrap-around bustier, revealing the interior tulle and boning at the neckline and hem (2)

  • Laser cut sheaths, leaving the cut-out intact as a design detail mimicking the play on dots within the collection

  • Everyday pajama-inspired ensembles in the Scribble Dot Print and Micro Floral Print (24, 26) with a contrasting felted mohair piping detail

  • A 60’s-length Bustier Dress with a loosely micro-pleated skirt and structure bra-bodice, shown with a printed belt featuring an irregularly shaped buckle made in-house (8)

  • Resin tear-drops, each one made by hand in-house, embroidered onto a relaxed satin u-neck straight sheath (23)


Founded in New York in 2016, Marina Moscone is an artful luxury brand defined by impeccable tailoring and abstract draping, embracing an understated elegant sensibility with artisanal touches.  Marina’s signature: luxurious materials rendered in modern silhouettes, produced to the highest and most exacting standards of quality.  Marina gravitates towards a tactile approach, draping and twisting fabrics by hand in her New York atelier

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