Moroccan-Based Made-to-Order Atelier
Marrakshi Life collection, exclusively available to shoppers worldwide on The latest artisanal and made-to-order selection of styles from the Marrakech-based label is designed with the urban dweller in mind, featuring luxe textiles straight from the Marrakech atelier.
Launched in 2013 by New York fashion photographer Randall Bachner, Marrakshi Life has taken the sartorial heritage of traditional Moroccan weaving practices and contextualized them for the modern era, prioritizing sustainable practices throughout the production process. The Urban Holiday collection reconsiders the Marrakshi Life aesthetic, applying the same thoughtful practices within the atelier for a collection that seamlessly integrates into urban modern life.
The intrinsic theme for Urban Holiday is that one is rarely where they dream to be. This season, Bachner, in collaboration with Nicholas Minucciani, has taken to the design board to bring Marrakshi Life’s hand-woven garments to those in urban environments as international travel remains at a standstill.
Encouraging the wearer to find comfort in that which surrounds us in our current at-home state of mind, Marrakshi Life has reimagined the hand-woven garments typically seen in unstructured resort wear for
chillier climates. Notably, this is achieved through adjustments to fabric weight, precisely tailored construction, and textiles in a muted palette, which also includes army and merlot. The genderless silhouettes comprise wardrobe staples such as trench coats, jumpsuits, hoodies, and cargo pants, among other closet essentials.
The brand’s e-commerce shop, and is available for made-to-order purchases via
*The brand’s collections are available worldwide through their e-commerce shop, which offers complimentary worldwide shipping with VAT included.

About Marrakshi Life:
Launched in 2013 by New York fashion photographer Randall Bachner, Marrakshi Life embraces comfort and craftsmanship. Taking key style elements from the traditional Moroccan wardrobe, an in-house team of local artisans helps create original, contemporary, and wearable design pieces. Using the skill of traditional Moroccan weaving practices and a desire to take this sartorial heritage forward, Marrakshi Life uses ancient techniques to create clothing that is authentic yet with a fashion-forward urban twist.
The brand works exclusively with fabrics that are hand-woven in their atelier, never bringing in outside fabrics. With no cotton production in the country, the team sources the raw cotton material from Turkey
and Egypt, then dyed it to the Marrakshi Life color palette locally in Morocco. From there, the dyed yarns are spun in the atelier and woven on warp/weft flatbed looms. All of the fabrics and garments are then cut and sewn in the Marrakech atelier.
The vertically-integrated brand adheres to a zero-waste policy, a program that takes the remnant cuttings from produced garments to then be used in future development and production – including patchwork pieces, rag weave, home goods, children, and accessories. The desirable working conditions and community feel of the workshop encourage free-thinking and collaboration within the community atelier. The production process has a low environmental impact, and all of Marrakshi Life’s looms are powered by just two men, yielding ten meters per day.
Randall is committed to supporting responsible manufacturing via sustainable, low-impact production methods. He describes his atelier in Marrakech as a community rather than a factory. Visitors to Marrakshi Life can experience family feelings whilst viewing the whole process from textile creation to finished design.
Collection 10 takes a considered approach to the color palette and introduces a degraded group that echoes the ease with which Marrakshi Life is approaching the new year.
Creating these soft transitions of analogous hues takes an incredible amount of technique but the soothing-like effect highlights the skills and showcase the talent behind the atelier.
Whether seaside or mountainous, the seasonal color palette always relates to a town in Morocco.

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