Inspired by contemporary fairies, the MARRKNULL 2020SS collection launched at Paris Fashion Week. The myth begins at the primitive society which is the interpretation of natural phenomena by human beings through reasoning and imagination. Fairies as a representative of mythical figure has always existed in people’s imagination as a perfect avatar. MARRKNULL is trying to bring this flat perfect image into modern life and give it a more realistic role.
This season, MARRKNULL re-constructed the classic professional wear structure, embellished with a variety of floral fabrics with Chinese taste in soft spring and summer color tone. Bodice-style slim-fit suit jacket and contrasted stitching line jacket with elegantly twisted lapel collar; double-waist straight skirt and slim flared trousers; a nude organza coat and a skirt with multiple layered ruched organza; oversize denim jackets, sweaters and shirts with random rips joined by hand-cranked Chinese buckles. Based on the continuation of its consistent street-style Chinese style, MARRKNULL has found a distinctive taste in the shape, fabric and craftsmanship, based on its consistently Chinese street-style. This season, MARRKNULL and UOOYAA cooperated to launch a capsule series, combining workwear structure with professional fashion style, activewear details with feminine mesh, which undoubtedly created the most chic image of the fairies who walking on to  streets.
In the post-Internet era with virtual reality, is the perfect and idealized image still untouchable? MARRKNULL attempts to dismantle the ideal embodiment of fairies, allowing people to explore more possibilities of perfection.


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