Martha Stewart x Belvedere IG Live Segment on Pantry Delights

Belvedere and Martha Stewart Created A Pair of Pantry Delights

Thursday Night Using Matcha on Instagram Live

Belvedere Vodka hosted its second Instagram Live session with lifestyle innovator and entrepreneur Martha Stewart on its Instagram platform (@belvederevodka).

Martha and Alice Farquhar, the brand’s Global Education & Training Manager, created a pairing of cookies & cupcakes that complimented the highlighted Belvedere super food cocktail – all made with matcha.

  • This Instagram Live segment showcased Belvedere’s simple, natural approach to cocktail and food pairings using ingredients in your pantry
  • The highlighted matcha cocktail is part of Belvedere’s newest line of superfood cocktails. Martha created cookies & cupcakes to compliment the cocktail, using the same star ingredient
    • Belvedere’s Matcha Cocktail Recipe is HERE
    • Martha Stewart’s Green Tea Cookie Recipe is HERE
    • Martha Stewart’s Green Tea Cupcake Recipe is HERE
  • This was the second Instagram Live segment between Martha and Alice, the newest development in Belvedere’s initiative Quality over Quantity, aimed at inspiring consumers and spirits enthusiasts to make mindful consumption choices and to choose quality ingredients
Martha Stewart Quotes:
  • When asked about July 4th  “I was up in Maine with my family and we did drink a lot of Belvedere over the holiday, lots of delicious cocktails! We had a giant martini shaker, filled it with ice and whipped up a batch of Belvedere martinis with a touch of vermouth and served with lemon twists. We enjoyed the martinis in front of a fire while listening to ghost stories, told by my 8-year old grandson, Truman.”
  • Pre-cocktail creation – “I’m eager to try tonight’s cocktail with you [Alice] and it’s very GREEN because it’s got matcha.”
  • Post-cocktail creation – “I absolutely love fresh cocktails. Let me take a sip…that’s very tasty. It’s extremely refreshing, healthy and green.”
  • Pre-cookie creation – “The green tea with all the antioxidants is what tonight’s cupcakes and cookies are made out of.”
  • Post-cookie creation – “The cookies come out to be that delicious green color – it’s very easy! You can serve it with the beautiful Belvedere Matcha cocktail. These cookies are so savory, they could be paired with cheese as well.”
  • Wedding tip from Martha, when asked about a wedding must-have because co-host Alice Farquhar is engaged – “Get a vodka bar! Have a bar set up with every Belvedere vodka in the portfolio.”
  • Honeymoon recommendation from Martha – “Maine is beautiful! It’s really relaxed and perfect for a honeymoon where you have to practice social distancing. You know that’s the trend for 2020!”

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