Maternity jeans you can wear post partum

The perfect maternity jean has proven to be one of the more difficult items to shop forwhile pregnant. They’re too often loose in the wrong places, uncomfortable or well, just plain ugly!
Introducing Ripe’s Isla Jean, a favorite on and here’s why:
  • Wear them in your 1st, 2nd, 3rd — and 4th trimester! There’s no over the belly band, which screams ‘maternity jean’ plus, those bands can get itchy on your skin anyway! Whether you’re wearing them during your pregnancy or after the baby is born (while your body is still changing) you won’t look or feel like you’re wearing maternity clothing.
  • The perfect fit: The jean stays firmly in place with an underbelly design and has a snug fit, so you won’t be constantly pulling up your jeans. And the fabric has just enough stretch to accommodate swelling legs late in the 3rd trimester.
  • Options to fit everyone’s personal style: From basic denim to white jeans and distressed looks, you can find a style that’s right for you!

 Mia Tango, a new and innovative online maternity boutique with the best styles from up-and-coming maternity designers from around the world.

Mia Tango, founded by two former execs (and moms themselves) is on mission to make maternity shopping easier and more stylish, while lessening the financial burden and ridding moms of the guilt associated with shopping for themselves!

  • Mia Tango curates styles from the best up-and-coming boutique maternity designers from around the world, all into on convenient shopping destination
  • Maternity = motherhood.  Your body doesn’t stop transforming the second you’ve had the baby and your lifestyle changes dramatically, so why should we be expected to go right back to our pre-baby wardrobe.  Mia Tango offers styles for the 1st through the 5th trimester — and beyond: With more than half their inventory meant to be worn past the birth of your child, Mia Tango was created by working moms who know that the real wardrobe challenges don’t end once the baby is born!
  • Mia Tango offers options for customers to buy new or “pre-loved” items (worn by only one other mom) 
  • Introduced a unique trade-in program – send back within 9 months for 30% cash back or 40% credit! 
  • Personalized styling program: No time to shop? Mia Tango will do it for you, curating a box of items for expecting moms to keep what they like and send back the rest


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