Meera Meera Fashion Concept

Exclusive – edgy – affordable high-fashion for women with a liberated spirit and a strong sense of style

Meera Meera is an international Fashion Brand for bold and unique women, based out of Viet Nam. We followed the Couture dream of launching an edgy, textile-oriented, affordable price fashion for women at a leading and comfortable Concept Store in Vietnam.

Our vision stems from the desire that good materials, excellent draping techniques, and basic design should go hand in hand to bring a good product to the customer.

We could try to allocate a percentage of our collection each season to experiment with trend-leads ideas. In the long term, we focus more on developing a uniqueness of our own that customers will want season after season.

Meera Meera Fashion Concept couture bridal gowns are known for their romantic and sensual nature featuring exquisite details, along with their figure-flattering silhouettes and emphasis on comfort. “It’s not only a wedding dress – It is a piece of art



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