Met Gala 2018 : Rihanna wore Gilan and Narcisa Pheres jewels

Rihanna wore a Gilan diamond ring and a Narcisa Pheres diamond ring

to the 2018 ‘Heavenly Bodies’ MET Gala 

on May 7th in New York City, NY.

About Gilan: 
The family story and its love affair with luxury begins in the town of Gilan, where four generations ago, the great- great- great grandmother of the founders had designed and sewn tailor-made dresses for the Ottoman pashas. The tale picks up again, in 1980, where the brothers Muharrem and Ferhan Gilan opened their first jewellery store. Their hereditary passion for design and luxury led them to move to Istanbul and to create the basis of Gilan, which is a world-renowned jewellery house among socialites and the affluent today.
At Gilan, the selective process for materials that will go into a creation can be long and painstaking, only the best and most striking materials will pass. These materials take shape in the hands of Gilan’s master jewelers, who blend traditional methods with innovative techniques and materials. Gilan’s commitment to working with the finest artisans and the technical superiority of each piece that leaves the workshops, contribute to Gilan’s principle of preserving the magic of the art of jewellery making. For more information, please visit
·      Instagram: @GilanIstanbul
·      Twitter: @GilanJewellery
About Narcisa Pheres: 
NARCISA PHERES aspires to bring luxury back to its first conception, in its creation of exclusive pieces of only the highest quality, pandering to a niche market of connoisseurs who truly appreciate the nature of the unique. The brand speaks of elegance, sophistication and stylish high-end fine jewelry. The designs bring that history of aesthetic, whilst allowing the customer to achieve the ultimate in memorable style by making it their own. NARCISA PHERES speaks to those who know that refinement, perfection and taste cannot be rushed, nor by their very nature be mass produced. In a world of luxury brands, NARCISA PHERES remains true to the origins of that notion in its production of quintessential fine jewelry for individuals of every generation. From traditional elegance to debonair flair, each collection and one-of-a-kind piece holds something for any individual with refined taste.
·      Instagram: @narcisapheres
·      Facebook: @Narcisapheres
·      Twitter: @narcisapheres


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