MiA {Music is Art} 2020 Virtual Festival!

The 18th Annual Music is Art Festival 2020 is ON…

Online, That Is!

On September 12th, Robby Takac & Music is Art will be bringing the usual Explosion of Music, Art, and Creativity right to your very own screen!

There will be multiple channels streaming LIVE on musicisart.org from 6pm-midnight.

Start planning your viewing party and tune in for the full lineup!

The festival is obviously going to look much different this year, but we promise to bring you an Explosion of creativity nonetheless!!!

We’ll still be bringing you multiple stages, lots of forms of art and music.

All viewed from your own device.


Don’t Miss Kreepie “That Zombie Guy”  Live Stream

Kreepies Korner

LIVE from MiA 2020 Virtual Festival!

AJ Jordan  KISS This WNY

 Mindy Davey Music  DoDriver

 Smash Relief Headquarters

JIM Crean  Wicked Tension  Coffin Hook

#MiA2020 #WhereWillYouWatch #Kreepie #WePlayDead

Sept. 12th – 6pm. Broadcasting LIVE Worldwide on




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