The Italian fashion capital is about to witness a historic moment as the Ukrainian fashion industry prepares to showcase its Spring/Summer 2024 collections. This will mark the first time that Ukrainian brands will have a prominent presence in the fashion scene there, serving as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Ukrainian creativity and resilience.
September 19th to 23rd, a prestigious, appointment-only showroom will debut at Corso Concordia, 10 Milan, Italy 20129. The showroom will be open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This premier showcase is a collective effort of seven outstanding Ukrainian brands and several newcomers to the international stage. This exceptional collaboration is a testament to the determination and passion of Ukrainian designers who continue to create exquisite collections despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war.
The showroom will provide a platform for international buyers, press, and stylists to explore the SS’24 collections, a testament to the growth of Ukrainian fashion’s global visibility and influence. These collections reflect the designers’ commitment to blending tradition with modernity, resounding that Ukraine has abundant creative energy to offer the world.
The U.S. Agency for International Development in Ukraine further supports this milestone event. The grant to Lviv Fashion Week reflects the commitment to nurturing and celebrating Ukraine’s burgeoning fashion talent to support economic recovery within the country.
“Having an opportunity to show our brand in Milan during fashion week is a major milestone for the KULAKOVSKY team. We spent years perfecting our craftsmanship and are excited to finally introduce the outcome to the international market with the help of USAID and Angel for Fashion,”– Artur Kulakovsky. One of the standout moments of this showcase will be the debut of Elena Reva’s new collection, fresh off the runway of London Fashion Week on September 19th. Showcased on September 20th at the Milan showroom, her creations will encapsulate the essence of fashion-forward innovation.
Additionally, this event marks the launch of 13 Ukrainian brands from Angel for Fashion (AFF) on the leading online B2B platform NuOrder, allowing buyers to peruse selections throughout the year and place orders online. This strategic move aims to facilitate convenience for buyers while bolstering the reach of Ukrainian fashion in the global
market. “We are immensely proud to spearhead this extraordinary collaboration, showing the dynamic talent of Ukrainian fashion to Milan’s unparalleled fashion landscape. The fusion of creativity and resilience among Ukrainian designers is truly inspirational,” stated Jen Sidary, Founder and CEO of Angel for Fashion.
As Milan’s highly anticipated fashion season approaches, all eyes are eagerly fixed on the unveiling of a stunning array of global styles. A focal point of this season’s excitement lies in the upcoming showcase, featuring an extraordinary cohort of Ukrainian brands poised to leave an indelible mark on the international fashion scene. These brands collectively embody the core tenets of creativity, heritage, and innovation, symbolizing the vibrant essence of Ukrainian design prowess. Among these distinguished participants, DUKACHI takes the spotlight with its exquisitely crafted jewelry, deftly infusing cultural symbols into uniquely captivating pieces. BOBKOVA stands as a boundary-pushing force with its reimagined approach to casual wear, dismantling gender norms and ushering in a new era of style inclusivity. ELENA REVA’s designs, deeply rooted in the power and energy of women, offer an empowering yet refined wardrobe ideally suited for the modern lifestyle. KATERINA KVIT’s luxurious leather creations blend minimalist design with opulent materials, creating timeless masterpieces that captivate the senses.
KULAKOVSKY’s meticulously handcrafted leather goods, steeped in generations of expertise, redefine wardrobe essentials through a contemporary lens. OLIZ’s unwavering commitment to ethical fashion and artistic inspiration brings each creation to life, resonating with a global audience. Lastly, PODYH skillfully intertwines architectural
aesthetics with fashion design, presenting a unique perspective. As these Ukrainian brands prepare to showcase their exceptional craftsmanship and design philosophy, the trade mission promises a Milan fashion season that will be unforgettable as their creations continue to shape the ever-evolving tapestry of global fashion trends.
Jen Sidary, an Italian citizen as her grandfather was born in Reggio Calabria, once again spearheads this visionary project, a trailblazer deeply ingrained in Ukraine’s fashion landscape since 2020, predating the turmoil. In April 2022, Sidary’s brainchild,, a global e-commerce emporium dedicated to Ukrainian designers, came to life, emerging as a crucial lifeline for over thirty resolute brands navigating the turbulent waters of an unjust conflict. The website now houses forty of Ukraine’s most prominent fashion designers and has shipped orders to over one hundred and fifty cities around the globe.
 “I have developed a deep and genuine admiration for Ukraine’s unyielding spirit over the past few years as the country fights with unwavering determination. I have discovered a hidden treasure that has shaped our global future. Ukraine’s vibrant fashion has inspired me on many levels, and I am dedicated to nurturing this alliance for the rest of my professional journey,” the enthusiastic Jen Sidary expressed.
Natalia Petrova, Project Manager for USAID, exclaims, “The potential of Ukrainian fashion businesses to captivate those who value quality and design is immense! Ukrainian brands understand that all eyes are fixed on Ukraine and proudly showcase the country’s talent. USAID supports Ukrainian fashion and apparel companies, and rejuvenation of the industry plays a vital role in the economic revival alongside other industries.”



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