Minnetonka Launches Men’s Limited Edition Softsole Thunderbird Moccasin

Minnetonka Softsole Thunderbird Limited Edition Release

Minnetonka is releasing a limited edition Softsole Thunderbird on Tuesday, June 30th.

The original Thunderbird moccasin was launched in 1955 with a hardsole and quickly became famous nationwide.

After years of customers asking for a soft sole version, Minnetonka decided to answer the call.

The limited edition moccasin retails for $60.00 and can be found at https://www.minnetonkamoccasin.com/men/styles/moccasins/thunderbird-softsole-men

About Thunderbird Softsole

The traditional Thunderbird moccasin was introduced in 1955 and became famous in gift shops across the country. Handmade from the highest-quality suede or smooth leather, the comfy softness wraps all the way around to the moc’s sole for an almost barefoot feel. These distinct hand beaded moccasins are the perfect way to express yourself.

  • Soft Suede or Smooth Leather

  • Glass Bead Detail

  • Cotton Lace

  • Padded Insole

  • Soft Suede or Smooth Leather Softsole




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