Monochrome Monsters Squeeze into a Former Factory in a New Monumental Exhibition by Phlegm

Monochrome Monsters Squeeze into a Former Factory in a New Monumental Exhibition by Phlegm

Photo by Chris Saunders

The historic building of Taylor’s Eye Witness Works in Sheffield, England is currently hosting Mausoleum of the Giants, the newest sculptural installation by Phlegm (previously).

The exhibition features a number of large-scale sculptures of the surreal pseudo-mythological characters he’s included in his murals worldwide.

Placed inside the spacious interior of a former kitchen and pocket knife factory, these friendly giants welcome visitors to walk between and examine their appearance from every angle.

The largest piece of the show waits for the viewer just beyond the first door.

This massive creature lies on the ground in an almost fetus-like position, with large arms and hands clenched as he stares through the space with wide open eyes.

Visitors must walk around the monumental body to discover the rest of the exhibition and peek at what other giants rest beyond the first room.

The works are created on skeletons made of wood and wire, with papier-mâché finishing.

Phlegm then paints on them in an illustrative style based on intricate patterns and using a shading effect.

This technique makes them seem flat when photographed against the architectural elements of the building, yet in person, they seem bigger, heavier, and bolder.

By producing the creates at a scale that barely fits inside the space, they imitate how the artist regularly uses every inch of a wall to paint his captivating murals.

Mausoleum of the Giants will be open to the public through April 6, 2019.

Phlegm plans to continue his experimentations with scale by putting together a show with miniature etchings he’s been working on in the last couple of years, in addition to releasing a book of etchings.

You can follow his worldwide murals and sculptures on Instagram.


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