Morgan Stewart Drops Summer Activewear Collection With Touché LA

Morgan Stewart

Drops  Summer Activewear Collection

With Touché LA

​Fashsion lable ​Touché LA has teamed up with Morgan Stewart (@boubsandloubs) ​yet again for another 
​amazing ​activewear collab​, which launched this morning!
This #​RichKids​ of Beverly Hills​ alum won’t stop at reality TV
​or Instagram fame,​ and hopes her activewear line inspires fans and ​workout enthusiasts​ to stay​ stylish and​ fit!
​ ​
This season, Touché LA x Morgan Stewart offers ​the perfect combination of style and comfort​.

The collection comes in Los Angeles-inspired summer colors and​ each piece​ can be mixed and matched, making ​dressing e​fortless for the gym or Runyon ​Canyon in ​ultimate SoCal ​style.

Touché LA x Morgan Stewart Activewear combines functional workout gear with ready to wear style. ​
Touché LA,founded by power couple, Karl Singer and Jaynee Singer and ​Stewart developed a collection that integrates ​high-quality​ fabrics, technology ​with​ a sophisticated design aesthetic. 
This collection was pieced together with the mindset of putting 
​classic styles that match her fan base.
​”My personal taste is very minimalistic with a slight edge so I wanted to keep the focus on color and fit​,” said Stewart.”

 ” I stayed away from anything that felt too trendy. We made sure every cut was flattering with a classic through-line that still feels fresh.“​


​The ​latest ​12​ piece collection comes in six Los Angeles-inspired, summer colorways, Peach Bellini,​Canary Yellow, ​Bubble Gum Pink, ​Electric Red, ​Powder W​hite, ​Sky Blue and Half Caf Taupe.

With sports ​bras​ starting at ​$62​, and leggings $9​2​, Touché LA x Morgan Stewart is available starting today on
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