Mykel C. Smith has history and is a fashion creative

 By The Skinnybillionairess
History…Mykel C. Smith has history and is a fashion creative and it serves him well. A quick conversation about his styling of his popular client Skip Marley, is nothing short of a delicious historical music rabbit hole, that leaves you with enlightened connections through time. 

Skip’s subtle, cool style seen on the Jimmy Kimmel show to his numerous noted performances, Mykel has been blessed to work with the Marley clan for over two decades. When he partnered with designer  Cedella Marley (daughter of Bob & Mother of Skip) music maven in her own right, back in the 90’s. Mykel’s partnership with Cedella and Skip is a natural extension of their 20 plus years working relationship.


Styling Skip is a method of “not dressing him over his music”, Mykel talks vividly about Skip’s natural clothing style progression as simply a mirror of his musical progression. Pointing out that Skip was under the vocal tutelage of the legendary singer Betty Wright, that demonstrates the forward manifestation, and climb from his roots, to present.
But what is the core of Mykel’s roux for Skips’ style? Sustainability using basics with an edge, discovering fashion unknowns and elevating them with careful style placements, quiet and powerful luxe matched with the concept of a muted color palette…it’s all evolutionary. Yet, Mykel is quick to give thanks to those who are known revolutionaries in fashion such as Bethann Hardison who helped in acquiring Gucci for one of Skip’s looks in the past. I told you this was a historical rabbit hole, didn’t I?

In our wrap up, Mykel said one of his leading mantras in creating Skip’s looks is the voice of Cedella bringing it all back to center around the concept of the Lion Order, which means you commit to who you are and not follow sheep, casting integrity, much as Lion would. The styling evidence, and musical history shows us Mykel and Skip are indeed on the same path.

Mykel’s commitment to styling Skip has garnered collaborative looks for the musician that continues to support that careful roux. 
A list of designers for some of Skip’s most enigmatic looks include: 
Trench London
Cult of Individuality
Axel Arigato
Goal Classics
Hugo Boss
3.1 Philip Lim
County of Milan
Thursday Boots
Clark Sabbat
Twenty Montreal

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