NINAMOUNAH Moda Lisboa FW2020 photos by IMAXTree

COLLECTION 005 PT.2 | COMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS continues to ignore evolution, synthesizing the ancestral characteristics of animals and our techno-future. Adapting to the environment that surrounds it, the muse of the Amsterdam brand represents endless possibilities. A disfigurement of the artisanal tradition. The creative director, Ninamounah Langestraat, and the brand director, Robin Burggraaf, work with pinstripe patterns in blue and black, herringbone in brown and green and gray plaid that arrive in  virgin wool and luxury silks. The deadstock used for the pieces is worked with intensity and adapted to sensual and subversive silhouettes. With this, Ninamounah merges traces of a forgotten past with future realities, while leading Fashion to become a sustainable practice.
Ninamounah is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand, led by creative director and designer, Ninamounah Langestraat , and brand director, Robin Burggraaf . The brand uses biological methods to analyze the deepest layers of the cultural cloak found in fashion design, emphasizing instinctive and experimental forces that transcend bodily and mental conventions. Ninamounah transforms the unusual into common – overcoming trendy comfort zones and exploring the animalistic side of humans.

Play with contrasts in new extremely masculine and extremely feminine forms.

A trio of leather suits, French corsets and pinstripe suits.



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