Nino Sepo Life as a Geometry


Georgian actress Nata berezhiani for Ninosepo Jewelry
by Leko Tchkonia

Life as a Geometry If we could translate our lives in geometry, how would it look like? Stories like parallel lines which will never meet. And stories like perpendicular lines which can meet and stop or continue through each other. Stories like circle a simple closed shape. Life as questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.
Nino Sepo was born 1989, Tbilisi Georgia. After graduating from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts Nino created our label under the same name. “For me creating fashion is like a game, I play with different materials, forms. It’s like creating a story. My brand wants to show people that majesty, poetry, love, freedom can be translated into fashion language.


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