Nobis NYMD FW2023 photos by Cheryl Gorski

In 2007, “Nobis”- Latin for “us” was launched. Nobis is a globally renowned Canadian outerwear and accessory brand that embraces the conviction that trends may come and go but style, function, and quality will remain forever timeless. Collections are designed for the ever-changing global winters, unpredictable seasonal conditions, and the growing need for fashionable and functional outerwear. Developed and designed with a people-first mentality, each garment is crafted with performance and versatility in mind, sourcing top quality materials and producing in world-class facilities. Under InnoVision Holdings Corporation, Nobis continues to test new boundaries in the fashion outerwear and accessories markets. Nobis is available in over 35 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, and Norway.


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