NOVA by Ayva Jewelry

  AYVA JEWELRY is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest collection, NOVA, created by Priyanka Kedia.

This new collection depicts the collision of both beauty and symbolism, inspiring inner reflection and empowerment.

As with all of Kedia’s works, her Indian heritage and a celebration of strong, bold women served as the ignition with which the jewels were honed.

An edgy take on colorful geometry gives way to deep, rich tones, coexisting with subtle curves and pastels—a representation of steadfast courage and smooth sophistication.

There’s more to the jewels than meets the eye. The acrostic jewelry holds a secret: a personal “power word” that is revealed on the reverse side of each piece. The first letters of the gemstones collectively spell out this word. (For example, a piece featuring Blue sapphire, Orange sapphire, Spinel, and Smoky quartz symbolizes the word BOSS.) This collection presents 8 individual power words, carefully chosen after two years of research and discussions with women around the world. These words give us strength and hope. They stand for who we strive to be on our journey to fulfillment.
“I designed NOVA for modern, empowered women, with wild, unbridled dreams,” says Priyanka Kedia, founder of AYVA. “I want her to have this jewelry to mark an important milestone in her life—that milestone when she decides she will achieve her goals. It’s designed to help you get over any limiting beliefs you may have, or any thoughts that keep you from striving to reach your personal or professional goals,” says Kedia. “When a woman wears the NOVA collection, it serves as a reminder that she CAN.”
The collection is comprised of handmade necklaces, bracelets, and rings that boast exceptional diamonds and precious gemstones, all set in 14k gold. Designed for easy wear, pieces may be stacked, layered, and mixed-and-matched, to accommodate any taste and occasion.
 Customers may select their own power word—or jewelry style—or they can visit the Ayva Jewelry website to take a quiz and determine the power word best suited for them. The NOVA collection will be available at select retailers and at


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