Once upon a time, Altyn Ay was a princess, the spoiled younger daughter of the creator of Heaven.
Her beauty was illuminated by the light of the moon whose name she bore, and the shine of the stars was reflected on her eyelashes.
Her laughter resounded in the sky in a thousand melodic echoes, she was always so cheerful and beneficent.
Her favorite game was Swing on the moon.
At nightfall Altyn Ay goes to earth to play with the little girls, to help them fall asleep, leaving them generous gifts such as pearls, diamonds, and emeralds.
 And since then, Altyn Ay – Golden Moon – has been revered as the symbol of beauty and fidelity to the traditional feminine virtues of Turkic culture.
 The inspiration for the Spring Summer 2024 Couture collection is a magical fairy tale, enveloped in the enchanting breath of the Orient, adorned with original Kazakh designs.
The designer visited Paris last summer and was inspired by the chic and elegance of French culture and architecture.
The idea came to mix these French inspirations with Kazakh handmade know-how.
This unusual symbiosis between European culture, Kazakh traditions, and Eastern art has made it possible to create outfits in which every woman can feel like a true queen! Velvet, jacquard & chiffon are the preferred materials.
The looks are adorned with rich handmade embroidery.
Also, note the original prints created in Nurshah’s atelier.
This is a variation of the oriental “Paisley” print, in which the designer has woven traditional Kazakh ornaments.
This collection is a living embodiment of the generous and beautiful soul of the Kazakh people and their love for world art heritage.

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