We do not fit this system and, as we are seeing, this system does not fit the world. This collection is an attempt to dispel the exhaustion, embrace the convulsion and forge new space within the chaos. It is also a celebration of fluidity, embracing circularity through material transformation, using upcycling as an ethical and responsible tactic of empowerment.

In such unprecedented circumstances exacerbated by systemic racism, transphobia, queerphobia, and other prejudices, I continue to ask myself, Why does fashion matter? After months of isolation, I return to the sentiment and truth that fashion is a vital means of self expression for marginalized groups. It is an indispensable tool for self determination and affirmation when living under a system of compulsory heterosexuality and cisgenderism.  

Official Rebrand revives discarded clothing, breathing new life into what was once unwanted. Through painting and other alterations, artist MI Leggett’s “rebranding” process proposes an anti-waste alternative to today’s industrial and social norms. OR?!’s transformative process celebrates the fluidity of identity, dissociating garments from gendered categories, reintroducing them without arbitrary social constraints. 


MI Leggett is a New York based non-binary artist. A former food justice advocate with a background in sustainable agriculture, video art and painting, they now transform unwanted materials into unique clothing and sculptures. Challenging the boundaries between art and fashion, they have shown work at New York and Berlin Fashion Week, international galleries and New Art Dealers Alliance. Their work and words have appeared in The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, Paper, Bloomberg, i-D, Milk, Office, Antidote and other outlets.




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