Ombre Digital hosted 5th annual Blogger and the Brand at aloft in Tribeca


  Ombre Digital hosted 5th annual Blogger and the Brand  at a loft in Tribeca. One of the oldest influencer events, Blogger and the Brand focuses on fostering new collaborative opportunities for emerging local bloggers and small fashion businesses alike, by creating an intimate networking environment for content creators and local brands during NYFW.

During the only Monday of NYFW SS20, content creators, designers, stylists, fashion and beauty enthusiasts came together to expand their networks and discuss the latest industry news and trends in a loft in Tribeca. The fifth annual presentation of Blogger and the Brand was the biggest yet with over 200 from the fashion industry focused on connecting with others.

In addition to the lovely attendees, the event included sponsorship from several locally-based and one international brand.
New York was well represented with Harlem-based Gwell, a wellness brand with organic desserts, Shamps, sparkling wine without the glass, and Simply Gum, a gum brand made without plastic or any nasty additives.
Rise Brewing Co, who served cold brew coffees in a variety of flavors was yet another New York brand alongside The Salon Project, a luxury hair salon. Of course, giveaway sponsors Ruby Love, underwear with built-in leak protection, and Get in the Bubble, a marketplace for healthy brands are also based in New York.
Korea-based When Beauty returned as a sponsor, distributing face creams and masks for attendees interested in maintaining healthy skin (this was everyone).

GT’s Living Foods served as the lone exception, as a Los Angeles based brand, but their Kombucha, combined with the sparkling wine from Shamps and the cold brew from Rise Brewing Co was part of a high energy cocktail throughout the night. These beverages kept the energy high alongside tunes from DJ Kizzy of Top 40 Lifestyle.
As with previous years, the event was anchored by a panel discussion, featuring the vivacious Evie Phillips, Founder of Creed Collective and energetic Norah Murphy, Influencer Marketing Manager of Who What Wear. Pakistani-born content creator Rohma Siddiqui moderated the two women panel and served as the defacto influencer voice in the room. The trio was equally attuned to the opportunities and challenges of influencer marketing, such as diversity and fraud.
Evie believes that “the world has never changed, it’s full of color and ethnicity. Unfortunately, some brands have ignored it thinking the same ol’ same ol’ will continue to ‘connect to the audience and sell product’. News flash people are inherently still human and of all races. With the rise in female empowerment and body-positive, we want to be empowered through brands to see the real world. It’s a very basic concept, it’s my job and my agency’s job to inform and continue to help shift the industry in the real world direction. I stand behind diversity in a big way and as we push forward there is still basic human and business acumen that needs to be communicated.”
At Who What Wear, Norah is part of a team that is always looking for the next great influencer but conscious of fraud. Per Norah, “sifting through the accounts with fake followers, engagement pods, engagement that was bought on an app, etc. Is something


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