Palette By Pak



Jasmine Tookes, Jamie Chung, & Desi Perkins sing the praises of the Palette™ The Original High Fiver  ($39), a patent-pending, innovative, travel tool that makes packing beauty serums and creams easier while eliminating waste.

Designed with individualized press-up wells and leak resistant system, Palette By Pak uses medical grade material to create a flexible well that holds .17 ounces of your fav product – five times over.

Meet your new best (go anywhere) friend. 

Introducing Palette™ The Original High Fiver. For all your goops, glops and glam!

Washable, reusable, game changing. This patent-pending innovative travel tool lets you customize and bring all your favorite products on-the-go, with no need for tiny travel bottles and containers. Rinse, wash, repeat. Over and over again.

Made in the USA with a tight footprint, recycled plastic and sustainable packaging. A product you love and one that loves our world right back.

Product info:

  • Holds liquids, creams and powders
  • Squishy “press up” wells to get every last drop
  • Medical grade material in the wells
  • 30% or more recycled plastic in the base

  • 7.5” long x 1” tall x 1.5” wide

How it all started 

Kate Westad, (founder and inventor) of Palette™ The Original High Fiver, found she was missing something two years ago.

It was 12:05 a.m., the night before a soul-searching solo trip to Paris, and her luggage was laid out across her bedroom floor. Exhausted from work but excited for her new adventure, she began packing. Her favorite beauty, cosmetic and toiletry items were all lined up, but as she looked back and forth between her luggage and the big bottles and containers, she realized there had to be a better way to take them with her.

In that moment, Palette™ The Original High Fiver was born. Two years, five prototypes, an army of talented professionals, and dedicated and loving family and friends, created what you can buy today: a customizable travel and beauty tool worthy of holding all your best goops, glops and glam.

Between her four children and her job as an attorney, Kate took her passion of beauty products and design and figured out a way to develop and manufacture this break-through product on her own. Many people told her that her vision could not be made, but she so strongly believed that this game-changing product could simplify peoples lives, she pushed forward.

Kate set her sights on not only creating a quality functional travel and beauty tool you will love, but one that loves our world right back. She was adamant her product be reusable so that small plastic travel containers are kept out of the waste stream. With the use of recycled plastics, a tight foot-print and sustainable packaging, she produced a planet-friendly product she was proud to call her own.


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