Parisa Wang, New York City-based contemporary handbag brand

“The Handbag Brand NYC’s Stylish Women Can’t Stop Wearing”

“The Accessories Designer Who Turned Her Heartbreak into Handbags.”

The Parisa Wang collection was born out of personal & professional heartbreak. When I was in my mid-twenties, I felt like I was at rock bottom. When everything was dark, one spark inside of me burned brighter than ever: my dream of becoming a fashion designer. I picked myself up from my hardships and realized my purpose: to create opportunities for myself, share my passion with the world, and encourage others to look inside themselves to discover their own.

Working in the luxury fashion industry, I learned that handbags are so much more than accessories—they’re significant historical symbols of financial freedom for women in the late 16th century. Building on this symbolism, I have developed an elegant, classic line of handbags inspired by the quote, “Wear my heart on my sleeve.” – a simple reminder to love your truest self & to chase your authentic dream.

Therefore, each bag has been inspired by & named after a different stage of love. These names signify that love is all around us—a day at the museum with a friend, an afternoon out with mom, or a soul-searching trip you take by yourself. Each Parisa Wang bag is created to celebrate your unique journey, in life & in love.

Looking forward, we’re working to expand our product line to encourage more women to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Just as your Parisa Wang bag represents respect for the past, it equally represents hope for the future—and we’ll be here to celebrate you, wherever you choose to go.

-Parisa Wang

Founder of Parisa Wang

We create chic handbags for work & play to inspire women to wear their

hearts on their sleeves & celebrate their journeys—personal & professional.


Parisa Wang refuses to sacrifice product integrity in the name of cost. All products are handmade using the highest quality leather, suede, fabrics, & metals. These handbags are not meant to be consumed as commodities—they are luxurious, long-lasting staples.


All accessories are designed in an effort to merge classic beauty—with an undeniably modern twist—and functionality. They are elegant, versatile, and easy-to-wear, day in, night out. The time-honored designs are meant to grow with you this month, this year, & beyond.


We believe in championing women, and that fashion can help instill in them the strength and confidence needed to succeed each and every day. So, we take pride in accessible price points everyone can appreciate, without the designer price tag.

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