May we seduce you in a world of radically transformed existence, where the inner light of universal benevolence raises a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and your mind.

The world of SOMA is the world of infinitely desire – richly colored and delightfully amusing.

To create this world we were using the finest materials like vegetable tanned leather and skin friendly PVC and combining the newest technology like laser cutting.

We finish all our creations with smoothed and polished edges to provide you with the best quality and wearing comfort.

“I don’t want comfort, I want God! I want poetry, I want danger, I want freedom, I want to sin!” (“Brave new world” Aldous Huxley).

Photography by Florian Nitsche / Model Alexia Hahn.

Started in the dark and boring Berlin winter of 2013 as a small hobby, both designers – Nina Kharytonova & Jacob Jungenkrüger, realised soon their real potential and turned “PERLENSAEUE” into a fashion brand.

While Nina originaly came from Latvia, Jacob was born and raised in Germany. Both of them are career changers, as they were working on film sets before.

The label reached very soon a huge popularity in Berlin and across the country and were involved in plenty of collaborations, for example with Oliver Rath, Sophia Tomalla, Micaela Schäfer, Haftbefehl, Bushido, Papa Roach, just to name a few.

Their hand crafted designs from different high class materials, like genuine leather, sterling silver & stainless steel are building a bridge between fashion, fetish and future.

Some of them are really provocative and over the top, some of them are kinky or even more than visionary, but each of them transformes even the most unimpressive outfit into a stunning eyecatcher.

The idea behind it is to create an experience you never ever want to miss again.

And even if you ask yourself now: „can I wear it?“ – we promise you, once the piece touches your body, you can feel the rising self-confidence of a gallactic amazonian and enjoy the certainity of creating a trend and not following one.

„PERLENSÄUE“ is a metaphor for the full spectrum of life, the sacred and the profine, ying and yang, trashy glam, trashy glam, to fully experience and express life’s every facet, that’s why we are here, and PERLENSÄUE is here to represent that.

And like any philosophy, it can’T be superficial. YOU DO NOT JUST WEAR PERLENSÄUE…YOU ARE PERLENSÄUE!


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