Pleiades S/S19 collection inspired by mourning ceremonies in Korea, often related to the colour of ‘white’, and songs for dead souls.

Back in 1982, an ancient burial site was found inside a cave, with a trace of chrysanthemums on top of the dead boy’s body.

Historically, white flowers and  images of birds were used during the ceremony, in a wish their loved ones are led to a happy afterlife.

Butterfly motifs are used to translate this theme into the collection, while soft colours and the whimsical tone also add on to the lightness.

Pleiades is a unique & luxury women’s footwear brand based in Seoul.
Launched in 2017, Pleiades produces shoes with top quality materials, while every pair delivers a story through creative journey, resulting in a storytelling collection. Pleiades collections are dedicated to a girl who has been the heroine for her own journey, which also dedicates ‘you’.

The production is in Korea; designer focuses on the initial development and the products are made by highly skilled artisans with over 30 years of experience.
The quality is controlled by daily visit to the factories to have the entire process tracked and maintain the communication with the makers.

Pleiades ensures the quality of production and materials are of the highest standards, sourced from Italy, France, England, and Korea.

Each pieces of Pleiades products are made with the genuine love and care for art and craftsmanship. We hope our shoes can be a pleasant addition to your daily attitude, while inspiring you to realise how special and different a pair of shoes can make you feel. / /


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