Polish Fashion Designers’ New York Fashion Receives Global Acclaim photos by Sivan Miller

Polish Fashion Designers’
New York Fashion Week Show Receives Global Acclaim for
Bridging Tradition and Contemporary Elegance

The inaugural Polish Fashion Designers’ (PFD) runway that graced the calendar at New York Fashion Week on Saturday, September 9th, 2023, has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. Hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland at the iconic Joseph Raphael De Lamar House, this remarkable event united the realms of tradition and contemporary aesthetics in a dazzling display of creativity and talent.

Hailed as a triumph of artistic innovation, PFD attracted a diverse international audience representing over 8 countries. Fashion aficionados, industry insiders, and trendsetters alike converged at this historic venue to witness a celebration of Polish fashion’s rich heritage and its evolution into a global force.

The runway show, which featured 10 leading Polish designers and brands presenting their Spring-Summer 2024 collections: JEMIOL, DAWID TOMASZEWSKI, Angelika Józefczyk, PtASZEK, Jackob Buczyński, Natalia Ślizowska, reinKreacja, MUZA, NAOKO, La…mu. Each presentation was a testament to the power of fashion in transcending boundaries and connecting cultures. Each collection seamlessly blended tradition with contemporary elegance, weaving together the threads of Poland’s history and its vibrant modernity.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, a staunch supporter of the event, expressed pride in fostering cultural exchange through fashion. Adrian Kubicki, Consul General of Poland in New York, opened the event welcoming guests, friends, fans, and family and expressed his honor to have hosted this extraordinary event. The Consulate is committed to continuing their support for Polish fashion on the global stage.

The shows’ success can be attributed to the outstanding designers who breathed life into the runway with their unique visions. These designers captivated the audience with collections that pushed the boundaries of style and paid homage to Poland’s cultural legacy.

“We take great pride in having built a dedicated business platform that serves as a powerful vehicle for promoting Polish fashion in the United States. Our commitment to showcasing the creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation of Polish designers has been met with honor and enthusiasm. This platform is not just a bridge between two worlds; it’s a testament to the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of Polish fashion on the global stage,” says Magdalena Christofi (PFD).

“We are proud that Polish Fashion Designers was a big success. All 10 shows went very smoothly and received very positive feedback from industry professionals and guests which is a positive feat to our first request to formally present in the United States. We are honored to bring shows to the fashion capital of America, New York City, making history by being on the CFDA Fashion Calendar. My vision in creating this opportunity was to amplify the cultural synergy that transcends borders, and we are proud to provide a platform where the world could witness the innovation and ingenuity of Polish fashion designers. The idea and timing were right. Our focus in success is to grow business opportunity in the American market where Polish designers may be further seen and recognized in the global industry,” says Maggie Haese, founder of the project.

As the curtain falls on this historic event, the legacy of the Polish Fashion Designers at New York Fashion Week will continue to inspire and pave the way for innovative collaborations between Poland and the international fashion industry. PFD is grateful to all of the partners and sponsors that made this historical moment possible: Sunew, INGLOT, OSHEE, Muszynianka, Square Enterprises, Żubrówka, Wawel, Brooklyn Imports, Midtown Loft, WP, Anywhere, Moda w Polsce, Global Fashion Channel, White Eagle Media.

About Polish Fashion Designers Showcase (PFD)
Polish Fashion Designers (PFD) is a dedicated fashion platform with an international reach, designed to promote Polish designers and fashion brands on a global stage. PFD acts as a bridge between the Polish fashion industry and the international market, fostering collaborations and connections that shape the future of fashion.

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