Portland Leather Goods has received over 500K five-star reviews

Focused on sustainability, Portland Leather Goods sources its leather from hides they rescue from US Beef industry farmers and smaller Oregon farmers, who have no other way of disposing of their hides that would ultimately end up in a landfill.

Portland Leather Goods just launched their Baguette Shoulder Bag– the sophisticated approach to the Y2K tiny treasure, made with natural, full-grain leather & simple hardware. Not to mention they come in 7 different colors, including: deep blue, cognac and the classic black.


Before Portland Leather Goods, you couldn’t find a simply designed, affordable bag made from quality leather. If it was simply designed and affordable, the leather felt and looked cheap, or worse, it wasn’t even real leather! In order to get a simple real leather bag, you had to spend a fortune.

We make leather bags everyone already knows they want but can’t seem to find at a price they can feel good about.

It’s no wonder we have accrued over 125,000 five-star reviews in the last six years and more than a third of those who buy our products are returning customers coming back again and again. Our following is cult-like. Customers can’t believe the quality, they can’t believe the price, and many can’t seem to stop themselves from ordering more and more of our products.



We source our hides from the U.S. beef industry, ensuring that materials that would otherwise go to waste can have a second life. Those hides are tanned in award-winning facilities that not only meet, but continually redefine the standard for eco-forward practices in the field.

Real cows lead real lives. In order to provide bags with that real leather feel, glow, and smell, you have to start with cowhides that are not synthetically coated or painted over. This is why marks like spots and scratches are a badge of honor on our bags. Without them, there is no way the leather could look and feel so good and last as long.


We own and operate our artisan workshop, The Studio, located in the heart of León, Mexico, mere blocks away from the two most award-winning tanneries in North America. Location, as they say, is everything! Not only does our close proximity reduce our environmental impact, it fosters the kind of community feeling and relationship building we value so much.

Our business is about people. From design to production, from customer service to our amazing customers, we have some of the best.

In order to run our workshop in León, we have to have the best people, and we do. The Studio wouldn’t be possible without our friendship and daily communication with Studio Director, Fabian Cornu and Director of Mexico Operations, Adriana Cruz.


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