Powerhouse Carrie Berk Continues to Spread Positivity Amongst Her Peers Despite Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Powerhouse Carrie Berk Continues to Spread Positivity Amongst Her Peers Despite Global COVID-19 Pandemic


Nothing can stop social media sensation, Carrie Berk, from being a beacon of light to her over 300,000 followers on various platforms.


By Serena Velarde


An actor, author, content creator, and influencer with an 8.4K total engagement across her social platforms, Carrie Berk is a name to know and the it-girl to follow online. With more accomplishments than most people at the age of 17, Berk is an astonishing young woman with a great heart.


Named after Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, Berk is also a bright fashionista that has collaborations with top fashion brands Alice + Olivia, Alex Woo, and Daniel Wellington under her belt.

Below, Berk discusses the effects of COVID-19 on her life, her role as a leader among her peers, and plans for her college career ahead.


For better reader clarity, the interview is lightly edited.


Fashion Maniac: How have you been dealing with the cancellation of your high school graduation ceremony and prom due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Berk: It sucks. I really wanted to go to prom. I go out to a lot of events and get to dress up a lot, so I didn’t really mind missing that part but missing the graduation really sucks because my peers and I have been working so hard for it. The fact that we are just receiving our diploma in the mail is almost like we never really accomplished anything at all.


Fashion Maniac: Does your high school have any plans for in-person graduation?

Berk: Yeah. They have a date planned in December, but by then I feel like all of us are going to have moved on and be in college.


Fashion Maniac: You have been a great leader amongst your peers as you spread a lot of positivity among them during these trying times; how do you feel about this?

Berk: I am trying to stay positive and stay productive. I feel that’s really the only way to get through this time. I am continuing to share what I’m passionate about with people through creating a lot of Instagram content that is sensitive to what’s going on in the world. I also post a lot of Tik Tok content. At the beginning of the pandemic, I created a lot of Coronavirus inspired content, but then I got sick of it because I feel like people need to see something besides Coronavirus right now.


Fashion Maniac: In December 2017 you launched your website Carries Chronicles, which has become a style empowerment site for many. Recently, you made a blog post about styling loungewear during the pandemic; besides loungewear, do you see any other fashion trends sparking during the pandemic?

Berk: I was actually just writing about this. The trikini is trending right now, it’s a bikini with a matching face mask. It allows you to go to the beach and take on social distancing with style. I find it pretty fascinating. Tie-dye is also trending right now, and the fashion industry is practically puking in it. It’s ridiculous. I feel like by the time this pandemic is over, people are not going to want to wear it anymore.


Fashion Maniac: You are a teen ambassador for the organization No Bully, with a mission to empower people to practice empathy. How are you continuing to do that during the pandemic?

Berk: During the pandemic, so many people are on their phones causing cyber bullying to be especially rampant today. I know that because I faced it a lot. My main message during the pandemic is to surround yourself with positive people and to never respond to the haters. Also, remember revenge is never the answer.


Fashion Maniac: As you have increased in popularity on a plethora of different social media sites, has the cyberbullying also increased?

Berk: Absolutely. The more that your platform grows, the more people are going to target you. Most of the time, bullying is never about you. It’s rooted i

n the insecurity the bully has within themselves. Because of this, you should never take a bully’s words as something that’s wrong about you.


Fashion Maniac: At 17, you are a best-selling children’s author with 21 books to credit. What inspired you to start writing at such a young age?

Berk: Writing has always been in my family and my mom is a celebrity ghostwriter. I grew up watching her type at the computer passionately and saw how dedicated she was to not break her creative spirit. When I was eight years old, I first learned about realistic fiction- the concept that you could take real-life themes and place them inside fictional scenarios to get your point across. I came home one day from school and I had this one paragraph book proposal I showed to my mom. It was for the Cupcake Club, a story about four outsider girls who are bullied at their school. In the story, they come together and form this club to fight back against the bullies, by thriving on their own and proving to the bullies that they do not need to give them attention. As someone who was bullied in elementary school, often for my sense of style, I knew that this was really an important theme that I wanted to get across. I convinced my mom to send it to her book agent and when my family and I were in the middle of the ocean on a Disney cruise, we got a call that three publishers wanted to publish the book!


Fashion Maniac: You have a YouTube called Carrie’s Chronicles; can we expect any more YouTube videos coming out soon?

Berk: Oh, I hope so. I’ve literally been so bad with my YouTube because I have been focusing on Tik Tok a lot, but I’m hoping to do a video in the coming weeks. I wasn’t supposed to know this, but my mom is making a graduation video for me with a bunch of my friends giving me happy graduation messages. I want to do a YouTube video reacting to the graduation video.


Fashion Maniac: Now that you have graduated high school, do you have any future plans for college, and has the pandemic affected these plans?

Berk: I was accepted into a college for fall 2020 and I am majoring in journalism with a minor in fashion studies. Due to the pandemic, I do not know if that is going to be happening in person or online.


Fashion Maniac: Do you have a message for your peers during this pandemic?

Berk: My message is to always stay positive and to put all your attention on things that you’re passionate about because that will help you get through this difficult time.


Fashion Maniac: How can we all continue keeping up with Carrie?

Berk: You can follow me on my InstagramTik TokTwitterPinterest, and YouTube. Additionally, you can visit my website Carries Chronicles. You can also tune in to my new show, Stage Fright on Brat TV’s YouTube Channel. I play Karina, the theater critic of the school’s newspaper who is involved in a mystery, but I don’t want to say exactly how she’s involved. You guys just have to watch and see because she may not be as innocent as she seems.

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