Prints! Prints! Prints! Camp Shirts from Desigual

Prints! Prints! Prints!

It’s all about the prints!

I wanted to send over some fantastic printed camp shirts from Desigual for consideration for your summer shopping stories.

The items below are all part of the brand’s summer sale, with prices below!

  • Unisex sizing

  • This garment is created using environmentally-friendly organic fibres sourced from sustainable growers and production processes.

  • $64.98, Originally $129.95

  • Multicolor Hawaiian Camp Shirt

    • V-neck with tie in front

    • $64.95, Originally $129.95

    • Half-Orange Shirt

      • Designed by Christian Lacroix

      • Loose fitting sleeveless shirt with collar

      • Half peacock print, half orange motif

      • $79.98, Originally $159.95

      • Hawaiian Print Shirt

        • From the men’s collection, but would be cute for a boxy fit 

        • $57.98, Originally $115.9



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