Private Policy Debuts Cultural Artistic Photo Exhibition and Pop-Up on September 9 & 10th

Working in collaboration with photographer Shxpir Huang, Family Dinner is a series of family portraits taken by Huang with subjects all wearing Private Policy’s spring/summer 2020 collection.

Inspired by the tradition of an Asian-American family dinner where the dinner table represents more then just place to eat, it is a place where the minds of young Asian American youths intercepts with traditions of their more conservative elders.

Siying Qu from PRIVATE POLICY says, “We want to connect to our audience on a deeper level and would like them to understand a side of our culture that is often times not seen. We hope to shed light on the internal family struggle where new ideas come face to face with old traditions and the struggle of growing up with assimilating into the American culture outside of the traditional Chinese values.

We’re also excited to open the event to the public and invite everyone to experience our vision!”


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