Randi Rahm NYFW FW2020 photos by Yuchen Liao for Getty Images and Jessica Lugo

Rahm’s couture  is set to be on a prominent museum tour throughout Europe and the UK come 2021, including the V&A in London.  

Made in NYC, Rahm is one of the last remaining American Couture houses.

Rahm recently showed her Fall/Winter Evolution: Couture/Ink at the Public Arts at PUBLIC by Ian Schrager in New York City. In an immersive event created in collab with tattoo artist Ant Iannucci, the show featured couture pieces for every identity.
“My designs have always been for everyone,” Rahm explains. “It’s funny to be seen as a newcomer to a design genre I have  inhabited for so long.”  
Rahm is referring to her more recent moment in the couture spotlight: when Billy Porter donned a hand embellished Randi Rahm couture suit at the 2019 Grammy’s.
The moment put Rahm’s (and Porter’s) daring takes on menswear on international display. 
Yet, she has always been known for her signature haute couture gowns- which were on full display at Couture/Ink
Backstage by Jessica Lugo

Details by Jessica Lugo

Randi Rahm NYFW FW2020 photos by Yuchen Liao for Getty Images

Designer – Randi Rahm:

A classically trained conductor and concert pianist with degrees in art history and music, Rahm was destined for success in a creative field. Her design vision combines her love of dance, fine art, and music- a pastiche of influences which helped Rahm innovate throughout her career. Rahm has been dressing Hollywood icons, Broadway leads, elegant brides, and power women and men around the world of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years.  As the last remaining American couture house, Randi Rahm is proud to be made in New York.  


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