If you’re the glamorous, confident type that always dotes a notorious red lip to complete your fashion statement, it’s time to splash that bold and bright hue on your nails.  In this new era where we must wear masks hiding half of our faces for any glimpse in the public eye, why not embrace the fun, spontaneous flirtation of drawing attention directly to your fingertips?

Red nails are not only a symbol of glamour and sophistication but a coveted statement for any time of the day or week.  This bold and powerful color can slay it in the office yet also lead to a sultry, seductive look for an ultimate romantic weekend.  During quarantine time, any outing is a big deal and makes for an excuse to get a little fancy and dolled up.  And if you happen to be lucky enough to be going on a weekday date or a girlfriend outing, vibrant red nails make for a confident and outgoing look.

Apple picking season is upon us, so get festive with your manicure.  Just like apple varieties, the choices of red! nail polish are endless.  The best way to pick a red nail color is to evaluate your skin complexion.  If your skin tone is cooler and you have pink, red or blue undertones, the perfect red nail polish will lean toward the blue spectrum.  Try painting your finger with a deep burgundy, cranberry or cherry shade such as Priti NYC’s Queen of the Night Tulip, Red Ace Rose, Sympathie Rose and Cherry Ripe.   If you have determined your skin tone is warmer, meaning you have yellow or golden undertones, opt for red polishes in the orange spectrum like coral, salmon or a reddish auburn shade.  Priti NYC’s Flamingo Flower, Buttercrisp Orchid, and Snapdragon are customer favorites that will compliment your complexion.

Nail polish is al! l about fashionable fun.  Even if you’re the type that normally wears a soft, neutral hue on your fingers, we dare you switch it up and step into the spotlight with a bold, passionate nail color.  Don’t forget your mask when you leave your house, but go a little wild flaunting those gorgeous fingertips and paint the town red!

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